July 2008 Archive

Summer Knitting

posted on July 30, 2008

Summer is a great time to take a break from the woolly world of knitting and try lighter, breezier pursuits such as sewing or working with paper. But for those of you who, like me, can’t bear to part with your knitting or give up your merino - no matter what the weather - now’s the time to think small!

I like to knit baby and kid things in the summer. I still get to knit, but the projects are small and quick (perfect for a summertime attention span), and … did I mention small? I’d much rather have a tiny baby sweater in my lap during the sweltering summer months than a giant adult-sized woolen beast. And since babies seem to be popping up everywhere lately, there’s never a shortage of subjects. It’s a great way to get a jump start on your holiday knitting, or stock up for the next baby shower. You won’t ever have to pull an all-nighter before a baby shower again (I know I can’t be the only person who has done this).

To get started, check out books like Knitted Critters for Kids to Wear (these make excellent gifts), or Boho Baby Knits (for the kid who has everything). And keep your eyes peeled for one I’m very excited about: The Expectant Knitter, full of adorable projects and advice for moms-to-be, due out in November.

— Melissa

Forum Question

posted on July 26, 2008

What are you reading (besides craft books) this summer?

Leave a comment below and let us know!

— Shawn

Emoticon Deck

posted on July 23, 2008

OK. So you’re tired of writing “haha” every time Joe sends a funny e-mail. Honestly, who uses that many letters to let someone know you’re laughing? Just let Joe know that you’re smiling :-D (big).

And if your subtle attempts at flirting are dropping like bombs, let her know she’s cute with a little ;-). The Emoticon Deck will take you from “connection lost” to “download complete.”

Let the world know you’re mad, sleepy, and laughing out loud all at once.,

Stop smiling, start :)ing!

Featuring a design for every mood, occasion, and exclamation, this little deck is perfect for conveying emotions without typing a word. Includes 50 cards, with keystroke instructions and final results.

[+||:-) |8

Leave a comment below with your guess for this emoticon, or share the one you use the most!

— Shawn

New Release: Junk Jewelry

posted on July 21, 2008

Hot off the presses, Jane Eldershaw’s Junk Jewelry. With a focus on acquiring a visual vocabulary and having fun without spending a lot of money, the 25 projects featured here are perfect for anyone who appreciates thrift-store funkiness and avant-garde fashion.

Here are some sample projects from the book!

— Shawn

Thom’s Project, Part 2

posted on July 18, 2008

My name is Thom and I’m the Editorial Assistant at Potter Craft. To me, making a craft project is always half inspiration and preparation and half actually putting the pieces together. With that in mind, I invite you to come with me on the two-part journey of a newly minted sewer on the trail of his second project.

Part 2: Attaching Things to Other Things

So where were we? Lions and dress-pant-like material? Well that’s where my mind was anyway, on that fateful Saturday as I headed home on the B63. A short bus ride and walk down the street later I was back at my apartment.

Before I describe the project, I want to give a disclaimer: Amy Karol wrote my go-to reference book-aptly titled Bend-the-Rules Sewing - but if I had to describe my own style it would be more along the lines of “There-Are-No-Rules Sewing.” I have yet to actually think about inches or test a stitch before I begin to make something.

So, leaving the measuring to those who measure, I folded the gray fabric in half and then mostly in half again. This created a quadruple-layered rectangle (two layers for each side of the bag = a more durable bag). Next, I shifted it quite a bit so that extra fabric stuck out from the top. Boom! An instant flap. Then I cut out the lion head from the t-shirt and sliced it horizontally into two pieces. Scooting the materials to the side, I put my sewing machine on the table and revved it up.

I used my bargain thread, which turned out to be Coats and Clark (the color on the left here), to sew the top 4/5ths of the lion on the flap and the bottom 1/5th of the lion on what would be the front of the bag. I used pins to hold the form of the bag in place so that the design would line up after I sewed the pieces together. For me, that was fancy.

An hour later I had my bag. After another forty minutes, some foul language, and plenty of ripped out stitches, I had a bag with a strap. With that, I leave you to the result:

— Thom

Simply Sublime Bags

posted on July 14, 2008

As featured in Country Living Magazine!

You can find purchase links below. And to give you a sneak peek, here is our widget, a browse inside the book feature. Just double click on the book jacket to launch, and then enjoy!

Amazon | BN.com | Borders

Leave some comments and let us know if you like the feature.

— Shawn

Forum Question

posted on July 12, 2008

It’s time for another forum question! Be sure to leave your comments below and check back to be a part of the conversation!

Question: What kind of music do you listen to when your are crafting?

— Shawn

Winners Annouced

posted on July 10, 2008

UPDATE 2: And the winners are:

Alice R.
Karen T.

Please send an email to snicholls@randomhouse.com and we will send you your book!

UPDATE: You can order Simply Sublime bags at the following locations:




It’s time for another Potter Craft News Contest!

Simply Sublime Bags offers the secrets to creating four-figure-price-tag-worthy bags. And most of them only take an afternoon! Whether it’s a casual carryall or a ritzy, patent leather clutch, the envy of your friends is only a few hours away.

You’ll tire of hearing “Where did you get that bag?”

The book arrives in stores July 8. But why wait? We’re giving away five FREE copies. Just leave a comment below answering this question: What would you like to see on the Potter Craft news Blog?

We’ll pick five and announce the winners on the blog on July 10.

— Shawn