March 2008 Archive

You Made It!

posted on March 31, 2008

Each month we’ll post a project made by one of our readers and archive them here. Today, I bring you a hat designed by someone on Potter Craft’s production team, Miles. Miles not only knit this, he designed it himself, too. I’m very impressed. Nice work, Miles, and thanks for letting us brag about your knitting skills to everyone.

For photos of more projects made by our readers, check out the gallery.

— Katherine

Which Fiber Are You?

posted on March 27, 2008

Knitters, crocheters, and all-around fiber-lovers across the globe are asking themselves, “Which fiber am I?” It’s an age-old question for which many have sought an answer. Finally, a quiz has emerged that will allow you to answer this very question, inspired by Clara Parkes’s The Knitter’s Book of Yarn.

Click here to find out. Leave a comment below to tell us which fiber you are, and if the description really does match your personality.

— Katherine

Wallpaper: The Knitter’s Book of Yarn

posted on March 25, 2008

From time to time we’ll post a new image for you to download as wallpaper for your desktop. This month I give you an image from The Knitter’s Book of Yarn. Looking at it makes me feel that Spring is upon us …

Click on the links below to download the wallpaper in different sizes.

1024 x 768 | 800 x 600 | 640 x 480

— Katherine

Make It: Meet Adena

posted on March 21, 2008

Take a look at this project from 99 Ways to Cut, Sew, Tie & Rock Your Scarf. I’m going to dig through my old scarves and whip up one of these.

Click here to download the PDF of the pattern.

And don’t forget to email us photos of your finished projects for our gallery!

— Katherine

Podcast with Compai

posted on March 18, 2008

For the past few years I’ve worked behind-the-scenes here at Potter Craft, bringing you the Potter Craft Newsletter and working with authors to promote their books. It’s exciting to be blogging on the new Potter Craft blog. I look forward to getting to know you better, so I invite you to ask questions, send us photos of your projects, or just say hi.

A few months ago, I saw a craft project in a magazine that transformed a silk scarf into a handbag. I thought it was ingenious! So cool, clever, and unique. That’s what I love about the new book in the 99 Ways series—99 Ways to Cut, Sew, Tie & Rock Your Scarf—it offers really clever ways to reimagine your silk scarves as pillowcases, pants, even button covers. And some of the projects don’t even require any cutting—they’re simply new ways to wear your scarf.

I recently got to meet the authors, Faith, Justina, and Ellen, when they visited us to record a podcast. They came in rocking enviable hand-crafted outfits and talked to me about how they got started and how they work together. Listening to them made me feel like I could go out there and start my own fashion trend! Meet the girls!

Click here to listen to a clip from the podcast.

— Katherine

Welcome to the Potter Craft News Blog

posted on March 10, 2008

Hi Peoples,

Welcome to the Potter Craft News Blog! After two years of publishing an e-newsletter, we have decided to trade up to a more interactive format—a blog. We plan to update it regularly with news about our new books, upcoming events, special features with our authors, pictures, and all the other fun stuff you’d come to expect from a blog. The best part of all is that we’ll be introducing you to other members of our team, like Katherine, our Marketing Manager, and Lauren, our publisher. I’ll be dropping in and out with posts from the frontlines.

This month we’re focusing on green crafting. Recycling something old by transforming it into something fabulous! Who doesn’t love turning trash into treasure? Stay tuned!

— Rosy