A gem of a book!

posted on July 14, 2009

This book is on sale today! Pick up a copy!

If you find yourself pining for the glittering pieces that appear on the red carpet and fashion runways, this book is for you! In Simply Gemstones, Nancy Alden returns with her popular Beadworks series, showing anyone how to create stunning gemstone earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Today precious and semi-precious stones are available in many bead stores and online at a range of price points, making what had once been exclusive, expensive projects completely doable. From humble hematite chips to sparkling sapphires and uncut diamonds, in Simply Gemstones there’s a gem and a corresponding project that is sure to complement your look or make a special gift!

— Allison

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Great paper products on a budget!

posted on July 7, 2009

These beautiful, customized, coordinated suites of paper products are perfect for any occasion — a casual wine-tasting party, elegant dinner party, or backyard barbeque. To get started all you need is a computer, paper, and embellishments you can find in any craft store. Karen Bartolomei makes it incredibly easy and fun to make amazing paper products - and she even provides tips for throwing unforgettable parties, like choosing a color scheme and ideas for breaking the ice!

Paperie for Inspired Living
Stationery and Decorations for Weddings, Parties, and Other Special Occasions

now on sale!

— Allison

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Which Ewe Are You?

posted on June 2, 2009

Wool is the most popular yarn around. According to passionate wool expert Clara Parkes, more than 200 distinct sheep breeds exist today, each with their own traits and their own stories. In The Knitter’s Book of Wool, Clara translates the vast world of sheep and their wool into the language and context of knitting - and shows you how knowing the distinct personalities of wool fibers ahead of time will help you create a happy marriage between yarn and project.

So…wondering which ewe you are?

Click below to take the quiz and find out!

Look out for Clara’s new book!

coming this fall 2009!

— Allison

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Crafty Chica Glitter Give-Away!

posted on May 28, 2009

It’s been almost four months since my book, Crafty Chica’s Guide to Artful Sewing, has been released. Within that time, I’ve heard from scores of women who had so many heartfelt and happy things to say about the book. And for very vast reasons too! For some, they cheered that the four-alarm contrast of colors and patterns made them giddy. Like Cyndi Garcia of the SantaClaritaCraftLab.com. Here she is showing off the Yarn and T-Shirt Skinny Scarf project she made!

Others said the book motivated them to break out their sewing machine and get busy, like Christy Petterson of GetCrafty.com.

“I had an idea the other day for a new little something that I want to sew, and reading Kathy’s book really sealed the deal for me,” she said.

Some said they even went out and bought a machine to get started from scratch! There were a few who admitted the projects strayed from their style, but still considered the book a gem thanks to the positive message and essays. Some of my favorites have been from kamikaze crafters like myself who picked up on the idea of personalizing their machine like the one on page 18 of the book! Check out Jean’s (Quilted Cupcake) work of art!

And then there is Stefani Gerard of SweaterSurgery.blogspot.com who made a coffee cozy inspired by the Kamikaze Scrap Belt project. So cute!

I wish I could post each and every picture and letter. I’m absolutely blown away by the kindness and enthusiasm from book readers and crafters. Keep sending pictures, I’ll share them on my blog and link to your site too!

As a way to say thank you, I want to give a little gift - a FREE jar of Crafty Chica Glitter. Now, I can’t find a reasonable way to give everyone a jar of glitter, but if you take the time to leave a review on Amazon or B&N.com today, Friday, May 29th, 2009, email me at kathy@craftychica.com, with your address and I’ll send one right out! It is my way of saying mil gracias - a million thanks!!!

Regardless, keep on stitching!

— Allison

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Yachting has never been easier!

posted on May 27, 2009

Loaded with gorgeous photos and nautical trivia, Paper Yachts is more than origami - it’s the excitement of sailing at your fingertips. Captain your own vessel using these sixteen water resistant templates that allow you to test your personal watercraft in the tub, down the stream, or in the ocean. Detailed instructions and illustrations help you fold and launch each sailboat, and specially designed courses set you up for some serious match racing or a mixed class regatta. So weigh anchor, cast off, and be an admiral of the sea for a day!

Sail away with your own copy of Paper Yachts!
To win a free copy enter here.

— Allison

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What can you make from felt?

posted on May 19, 2009

…what CAN’T you make from felt!?

Feltique shows you step by step how to master this versatile material. In one simple guide (with over 45 unique projects), you’ll have everything at your fingertips to create charming projects using a variety of felting techniques: wet felting, needle felting, fulling, and sewing commercial felt. For limitless inspiration in making all things felt and beautiful—from bauble earrings to baby rattles, hats to handbags—you need this definitive guide!

click here to win a copy along with a bauble earring kit made by Brookelynn!

— Allison

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Ribbon Embroidery - now on sale!

posted on May 11, 2009

As any stitcher knows, embroidery is one of the best ways to personalize any garment or home accessory. And now with Ribbon Embroidery you don’t have to be confined to a pattern. You’ll learn a wide variety of stitches, from vines and flower petals to latticework and lines that evoke flames. Each stitch is described and illustrated in detail—and all of the projects can be completed in fewer than six steps. With Ribbon Embroidery and a little imagination, you can create your own designs in no time!

click here to win a copy!

— Allison

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What’s your bear wearing?

posted on May 5, 2009


What could be cuter than a hand-knitted bear? One with a complete—and completely adorable—hand-knitted wardrobe! The Best-Dressed Knitted Bear provides knitters with patterns for six different varieties of teddy bear, and then demonstrates how to mix up yarn types and color choices to completely personalize each one. These 18 adorable ensembles make thoughtful gifts for the children in your life - so that their teddys can be part of the fun no matter where their imaginations may take them.

click here to win a copy!

— Allison

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crafting Crafty Chica style

posted on April 24, 2009

Check our Lyn, our Crafty Chica contest winner, with her new sewing machine!

— Allison

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A new way to knit socks!

posted on April 16, 2009

Wendy D. Johnson’s new toe-up approach to knitting socks was made famous through her blog, WendyKnits.net. Knitting a sock from the toe up saves yarn and always gives a perfect fit. And? No grafting! Wendy provides all the how-tos, tips, and techniques you need, as well as the pros and cons behind all of the cast-on, toe, heel, and bind-off options, gleaned from her years of experience. This is the hands-down best guide for toe-up socks, and with more than 20 fun and beautiful patterns, Socks from the Toe Up has a sock for every foot. So whether you’re casting on your first sock, or have been a top-down sock knitter for ages, get ready to become a toe-up nut!

Click here to win a copy

Please note that this contest is now closed. Thank you all for your submissions and wonderful emails!

— Allison

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