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KENNY'S UPDATE - 10/25/07

The book writing is going just fine. In fact, I just put to bed a key Badminton chapter. Many people call that sport Bad-Mitten. They are wrong. This is all in the book.

What's less fine is the recent notice given me that Jerry Seinfeld is no longer endorsing me. Those were the days.

Now he likes Baseball Tonight's Web Gems better than me. Maybe Jerry is looking more for information these days. I don't know. It's been a long time since we spoke. I'll still go see his Bee Movie. It's going to be emotional for me.

KENNY'S UPDATE - 10/5/07

Hello. This is Kenny Mayne, author. I tried to get Oprah to review my book and I still hold out hope that she'll endorse it and then one day bring me on the show to yell at me for all the falsehoods involved. In the meantime, I have secured Adam Carolla, who by the way, can be heard mornings on radio. I don't know what channel he can be heard on where you live because I don't live with you.

Anyway, it seems appropriate that Adam say a few words about my chapter on Tetherball.