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WORD OF THE WEEK - 7/23/07

Hi. This is Kenny Mayne, author. I'm in the process of writing my book. I already missed one deadline, so I really don't have a lot of time to talk. But just to prove I am actually working on An Incomplete and Inaccurate History of Sport (remember, it's out next April), I decided to give everyone a preview.

Here is an actual word that you'll actually find in my book next April. The book people at Crown (that's my publisher) call this a teaser:



Hi. This is Kenny Mayne, author. In case you haven't heard, I didn't release my book yesterday. And I didn't take on Harry Potter.

But that doesn't mean my head isn't still in the game. I can still give a 110%. Really.

I'm going to be keeping everyone up-to-date on my progress over the next nine months right here.

So come back.

KENNY'S UPDATE - 7/20/07

Hi. This is Kenny Mayne, author. Let this be a lesson to you kids out there who have big plans.

Sometimes you have to make lesser plans.

It's like my old tackle football coach used to say, "look deep first." But then you look medium. Then you look small. Have a fallback plan, in other words.

I'm not going to take on Harry Potter after all. I gave it my best shot.

I still came up about 275 pages shy of being ready to go head to head with Harry. I made it past the table of contents, the foreword and the backwords. My daughters did their part. They drew some illustrations for the book.

We're almost there. I just need to write another 50 or so chapters.

See you next April at the book store. Perfect selling season for Flag Day.


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