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KENNY'S UPDATE - 9/21/07

I went to Stevie Wonder in Boston last night. He was amazing.

This actually has something to do with the book also. It's all in the chapter on The Don Cheadle Incident. This doesn't sound like it has to do with Stevie Wonder, but it does.

Me. Don Cheadle. Stevie Wonder.

Circle the one who doesn't belong. But it belongs in the book.

That's going to have to do it. I have other stuff to write.

Including a book.

KENNY'S UPDATE - 9/13/07

Hello, I'm Kenny Mayne, author.

Very soon, but moreso whenever some famous people get around to it, I will present actual literary reviews of my yet unfinished literary work, An Incomplete and Inaccurate History of Sport.

I sent out some sample chapters to famous people to see if they would review them for me.

I now have 23 chapters finished but I hate 11 of them. So, I'll either re-write the crummy ones or just leave them in if the ones I write going forward are worse. In other words, the book is in great shape.

For now, please look at videos in which unfamous people talk about the fact they probably won't buy the book.


When I was in England this past June I read about how Prince gave away his new CD in a newspaper. I'm going to try the same thing but over the internet and without all the music, though I did have a solo in 7th grade choir. I sang "Ohio" on Fifty Nifty United States. It was just like Freebird.

The book is now almost complete. We didn't go anywhere over the holiday weekend so I just went ahead and actually did some work.

The following paragraph is an authentic book paragraph that will appear inside the highly acclaimed "An Incomplete and Inaccurate History of Sport."

I'm going to leave it to my editor to choose the paragraph as I didn't attend the cut and paste seminar last fall at ESPN. It was held on a Wednesday and Wednesdays are usually pretty busy for me.

Enjoy the paragraph.

Kenny Mayne on hockey:
Wayne Gretzky is arguably the greatest ice hockey player ever. He was better at being a player than Barry Melrose was at being a coach or is at being a commentator. I mentioned Melrose earlier because he’s a good guy who one time handled an entire three minute long ice hockey highlight for me when I had to fill in on the NHL 2NIGHT on ESPN2 when Bill Pidto was ill. The NHL 2NIGHT highlight lad had delivered me a shot sheet (the notes written up to match the highlight video) for a 30 second highlight but then they instead rolled the three minute version. I said to Barry, “You’ve always wanted to call a hockey highlight by yourself, right?” Then I walked away. Barry nailed the highlight without any notes in the same way I can make toast without a recipe. But back to Gretzky, who has never done anything for me.