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Random House/Zogby Poll

82% of Readers Prefer Curling Up With a Printed Book To New Reading Technology

Extensive survey explores how and where readers shop, what makes them buy, and their reading and book-buying habits

UTICA, New York - Despite the growing availability of other formats for reading--such as online or with an e-book reader or PDA-- the vast majority of readers still like to read the old-fashioned way - 82% said they prefer to curl up with a printed book over using the latest in reading technology, a new Random House/Zogby poll shows. Women (85%) are more likely than men (79%) to say they prefer reading printed books. Reading printed books also has greater appeal among older respondents, although it is by far the preferred method among all age groups.

Just 11% of respondents said they are comfortable reading books in other formats, such as online or with an e-book reader or PDA. Men (13%) are more open than women (8%) to reading books in other formats, as are 13% of those younger than age 30, compared to just 6% of those age 65 and older.

Other Findings:

  • Most book buyers head to bookstore with a purpose - but are often tempted into unplanned book purchases
  • It is 3 AM and your telephone rings. The next president can't sleep and is calling you for a book recommendation. Other than the Bible, what book would you suggest?
  • Most admit to judging a book by its cover
  • Most head online or to chains for books, but nearly half also shop at independent booksellers
  • Readers most frequently buy books online or at chains
  • Nearly one in four are reading more - but slightly more said they are reading less than usual

John Zogby to discuss survey findings and his new book

Zogby International President and CEO John Zogby will put the findings of this survey into context and provide marketing information that booksellers and publishers can use to connect with the changing American consumer during his presentation on "The New American Character" from 10-11 a.m. on Friday, May 30 in Room 406A at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Zogby, one of the leading voices in the public opinion research industry, is the author of a new book, THE WAY WE'LL BE: The Zogby Report on the Transformation of the American Dream, which Random House will publish on August 12. In it he identifies a new American consensus arising from the collapse of trust in our leaders and leading institutions. Basing his analysis on thousands of polls conducted by his organization, he sees four main trends that affect how Americans buy and vote: learning to live with limits, embracing diversity, rejecting materialism, and demanding authenticity. Click here for more information on The Way We'll Be.

The Zogby Interactive online panel represents a national sample that is slightly more well educated, earns slightly higher incomes, is more likely to vote in elections, and is slightly less racially diverse than the national adult population as a whole. It is the perfect tool to measure public opinion for such topics as high technology, shopping habits, reading habits, and attitudes toward such things as business, politics, and leisure. For a comprehensive report on this survey, plus a complete methodology statement, please visit: www.zogby.com

Contact for Random House book and book tour:
Karen Fink