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  1. Do you deliver on weekends or holidays?
    Our normal delivery days are Monday - Friday. Delivery days are based on the schedule of our carrier...
  2. What days do you ship?
    Random House ships Monday - Friday, excluding holidays....
  3. Will my order be delivered on weekends or holidays?
    No, orders are delivered only on business days (Monday-Friday, except holidays)....
  4. What are Business Days?
    Business Days are Monday through Friday, except for those holidays observed by the United States Pos...
  5. Can I ship to another address?
    Yes, as long as the address is in the continental U.S.
  6. Will you ship to non-US addresses?
    No.  At this time, we will only ship to addresses in the continental United States.  ...
  7. How can I track my order?
    Once an item in your order becomes available for shipping, we will send you a notice that the i...
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