Q: What is the difference between 'Random House, Inc.' and the 'Random House Publishing Group'?

A: Though they share a similar name, Random House Publishing Group is only one of several divisions that comprise its publisher parent, Random House, Inc. A full breakdown of the various publishing groups that comprise Random House, Inc. is available here: http://www.randomhouse.biz/ourpublishers/

Q: I am interested in publishing a translation of a book published by Random House, Inc., what are my first steps?

A: The first thing to do is check which publishing group originally published the book. We only handle requests for titles published by the Random House Publishing Group. A convenient list of our various groups is available here: http://www.randomhouse.biz/ourpublishers/

Once you have determined the original publishing division, contact them and inquire as to rights availability or the rightsholder.

Please contact only the rights department of the publishing group that you need to reach.

Q: Where do I submit Permissions requests? Is there a website/ email where I can do this?

A: Unfortunately, no. Random House, Inc.'s Permission department only accepts mailed or faxed permissions requests. More information about how to contact the Permissions department is available here: http://www.randomhouse.biz/about/permissions#how

Q. I am interested in translating a book published by Random House, Inc. What do I do?

A. We only license rights directly to publishers and do not work with translators. Translators are hired by the licensing publisher. If you are affiliated with a publishing house, please have an editor there inquire about the availability of the rights of the book in question with the appropriate division of Random House, Inc. (See earlier FAQ about contacting the Random House, Inc division that you are looking for!)

Q. If I am directed by you (or see on your Rights Guide) that I must contact a specific book agent to inquire about rights, how do I find them?

A. Most agencies can be found on on-line search engines, such as Google.

Q. I cannot find a book in your Rights Guide that I know was published by RHPG. What now?

A. Our Foreign Rights Guides are mainly geared toward the most recent or upcoming international book fairs. The Domestic Rights Guides are created for each of the three "spans" per year: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Therefore, only our current titles will be listed in our Rights Guides.

Every book can be found on the Random House, Inc. website and inquiries can be made appropriately.

In the near future, we hope to provide rights information for all backlist titles!

Q. I am interested in film/TV rights to one of your titles. How do I obtain these rights?

A. Please send and email to rhpgfilmrights@randomhouse.com. Be sure to include author, ISBN, and title in your request.