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The Ultimate Happiness Prescription

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The Ultimate Happiness Prescription is about following certain life practices that bring you joy and fulfillment every day in your life, so you can turn so-called problems into opportunities, improve the conditions in your life for happiness, and make choices every day that will bring joy to you and happiness not only to yourself but to the people in your environment. It's called The Ultimate Happiness Prescription because it goes into an understanding of how to deal with existential unhappiness: how do you deal with old age, infirmity, and the fear of death? So, The Ultimate Happiness Prescription is not only about creating joy and happiness every day in your life, but about enlightenment: how do you get in touch with that part of yourself that is always happy, no matter what.

The Ultimate Happiness Prescription also deals with seven keys to joy and fulfillment. One: how do you get in touch with your body, the little computer that's connected to the cosmic computer. Number two: how do you find real self-esteem instead of confusing your self-esteem with your self-image. Number three: how do you detoxify your life? Get rid of emotional toxins, toxic relationships, toxic environments, toxic habits, and toxic substances. Number four: how do you find yourself, that part of you which does not feel the need to defend its point of view. How do you become so defenseless that there's nothing to attack? Number five: how do you see the world as your own reflection? In every moment of your life, the situations, circumstances, events, and people in your life are reflecting what's going on inside of you. So if you want to change the world, you have to make the shift inside of you instead of fighting or finding problems with the reflection. Number six: how do you live in the present moment? And number seven: how do you find the keys to enlightenment, move from ordinary states of consciousness to higher states of consciousness - cosmic consciousness, God consciousness, unity consciousness - so you lose the fear of death.

Learn more about The Ultimate Happiness Prescription.
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