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2. Anonymous bed rug. Historic Deerfield

This blue and white bed rug has no mark, but it is obviously related to a bed rug at the Connecticut Historical Society marked "E.F." and to another at Winterthur Museum which bears the name "Mary Foot" and the date "1778." The three rugs probably celebrate the marriages on November 5, 1778 of Mary Foot, her sister Elisabeth, and her brother Israel. Elisabeth Foot's diaries from 1775 document the close friendship of the Foot sisters and Israel's bride, Sarah Otis.

Image kindly provided by Historic Deerfield, Deerfield, MA.

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"E.F." bedrug

Detail of "E.F." bedrug . The yarn in the bed rugs is homespun, but the designs and some of the stitches are greatly enlarged versions of fancy crewelwork made in the same area--an excellent example of rural adaptation of elite ideas.

Image kindly provided by the Connecticut Historical Society.

Detail of "E.F." bedrug and Prudence Geer Punderson bed valance.

This image is from Laurel Thatcher Ulrich's personal collection.

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