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 1. Eliza Philbrick's "Colonial Gown"

mystery--Eliza had this gown made in 1898 from rough brown wool made on her grandfather's farm in New Hampshire before 1820, but where did the embroidery come from?

solution--she found an old piece or crewelwork, probably originally from a bed valance, and added it to the skirt then later reproduced it. The valance went to one museum, the dress to another. Re-united, they match perfectly.

In her fanciful dress, Philbrick gave her rural ancestors an urban polish they never had.

Image kindly provided by the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA.

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A detail from Eliza's dress is pictured here with a corresponding section from the antique panel that her nephew gave to the Beverly [Massachusetts] Historical Society after her death.

Image provided by the Beverly Historical Society.

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1. Eliza Philbrick's "Colonial Gown"

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