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61 HOURS by Lee Child


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Two Great Blog Posts and More FREE Content!

First, if you're interested in the story of how I got my first book published, I'd like to point you toward two new blog posts about JACK WAKES UP: at The Signal and then, at Working Writers, Cherie Burbach says,... more

Conversations on the Coast: JACK WAKES UP

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting with Jim Foster on his superlative author interview show, Conversations on the Coast. It's a quick 19 minute segment and I have it here for you! (direct download) This show was originally... more

Bibliotech Interviews Author Seth Harwood

Listen up, kids: Crime doesn't pay, see? You can't just do drug deals with Czechoslovakians and expect that's going to turn out ok, see? The world don't work that way! Nawp. Instead, you gotta write your novel. You gotta get... more

Jack Wakes Up - 9 and new blog post on Open Culture

I'm here today with a new blog post from the Open Culture blog on what it's like to be a newly published first-book author. Read my View from the Bookstore Shelf here. One point I make is, "we better enjoy... more

Jack Wakes Up - Episode 8 - Free Download

Here is episode 8 of Jack Wakes Up. Rundown of episode: The Club Mirage. A big meet goes wrong. Shots fired and Al going crazy. Jack gets him out and finds Maxine, waiting. Touch of hands. Text link to episode... more


Known for her tight plotting and unbelievable ability to keep the twists and turns coming, her novels are the definition of one-sit reads. Her latest stays right on course. Gardner brings Detective D. D. Warren back to investigate a... more

Free Chapters/Webisode 2 from Warren Fahy's FRAGMENT

You will think twice before planning an island vacation after reading Warren Fahy's riveting and absolutely terrifying debut thriller. Already hailed as an “heir to Michael Crichton”*, Fahy has written a brilliantly imagined novel that combines meticulously researched science... more

Episode 6 of JACK WAKES UP (free audiobook)

Here is episode 6 of Jack Wakes Up. Text link to episode (right-click or ctrl-click to download) Please, if you like what you're seeing/hearing here, leave a comment on the site or drop me an email. I'd love to hear... more


If you knew whom you were up against, you'd never stop running... Dean Koontz, the #1 New York Times bestselling master of suspense, explores the razor-thin line between the best and worst of human nature--and the anarchy simmering just... more


If you're a Patricia Cornwell fan and haven't picked up one of Simon Beckett's books yet, the time has come. WHISPERS OF THE DEAD is Beckett's third novel featuring forensic expert Dr. David Hunter, following Written in Bone and The... more


Even in New York City, amidst 8 million people, Lee Child's hero Jack Reacher finds a way to stand out. Soon enough he is in deep, trying to unearth a dark secret for which both the feds and Al-Queda are... more


Seth Harwood graduated from the prestigious Iowa Writers' Workshop in 2002 and did the straight-up literary thing for a while, but then decided to let the stuff he really loved—Tarantino movies, The Sopranos, video games, and Hong-Kong Cinema—influence his writing.... more


Hewson is known for his stylish, literate suspense writing and his ability to portray such lush settings. But don't let that fool you into thinking he doesn't provide some of the most gripping and twisted mysteries out there. His plots... more

Download a free edition of Lee Child's PERSUADER

In 2008 Lee Child's Reacher novels were #1 on both The New York Times hardcover and paperpack fiction lists. Haven't read him yet? That changes today. Have a friend who hasn't read him? Same deal. Click below to get PERSUADER... more

Free Chapters from ILLEGAL by Paul Levine

Looking for a different kind of legal thriller? Then turn to Paul Levine—a former trial and appellate attorney, who's known for his clever writing, brash characters and crackling courtroom scenes. He's an Edgar, Macavity, and International Thriller Writers award-nominated novelist.... more

Free Chapters from THE COLDEST MILE by Tom Piccirilli

If noir is your thing, then Tom Piccirilli is your man. He's a two-time International Thriller Writers Award nominee who now offers up a fast-paced, hardboiled tale told with cool dialogue, a minimalist style, and unexpected humor. He has fans... more

Free Chapters from Blood and Ice

Next up: a haunting thriller than spans continents and centuries—from Victorian England to a remote Antarctic research station, where an ancient glacier yields a shocking prize—and a sinister legacy. With Blood and Ice (on sale 2/24), we welcome Robert Masello... more

Free Chapters from The Death Trust

This military thriller marks Australian author David Rollins U.S. debut, and you'll quickly see why he took his own country by storm. In The Death Trust he creates an imperfect, globe-trotting, wise-cracking hero in Vin Cooper that you willingly let... more

Free Chapters from Safer

by Sean Doolittle Let's start things off with SAFER, a noir thriller from author Sean Doolittle. It's likely he'll be a new author for you, but read this gritty crime novel and you'll be searching out his other books. His... more