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Episode 6 of JACK WAKES UP (free audiobook)



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May 2009

May 4, 2009


Even in New York City, amidst 8 million people, Lee Child’s hero Jack Reacher finds a way to stand out. Soon enough he is in deep, trying to unearth a dark secret for which both the feds and Al-Queda are willing to kill to keep from being revealed. As usual, Child gives us nothing less than a masterpiece of gripping suspense.

Here are the facts:
The hero: Jack Reacher, ex-military cop and the ultimate hero. He travels alone—with no job, no address and no baggage, nothing at all except his sense of justice.

The situation: New York City. Two in the morning. A subway car heading uptown. Jack Reacher and five other passengers. Four are okay. The fifth has him on alert. In the next few moments, Reacher has a decision to make… one with deadly consequences.

Opening line: “Suicide bombers are easy to spot. They give out all kinds of tell-tale signs. Mostly because they’re nervous. By definition they’re all first-timers.”

What others have said: “Child’s tough but humane Jack Reacher is the coolest continuing series character now on offer.”— Stephen King

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May 6, 2009

Big Release Day and JACK WAKES UP - Episode 3

So yesterday was a huge day here in the land of Seth Harwood and at my debut novel, JACK WAKES UP, hit bookstores everywhere! I can honestly say this has been about thirteen years in the making and at 35, that feels like a really long time! My path through struggling as a writer in NYC to Boston and classes at Harvard to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop to California and podcasting success can all be found here and soon elsewhere. I hope you’ll dig it.

AND, let me get back to giving you more free audio content from my novel!

Here is episode 3 of Jack Wakes Up.

Text link to episode (right-click or ctrl-click to download

Remember, you can also
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Just like an old-time pulp serial or a radio show, I’ll be back next week with episode 4!

Here too is the free PDF of the first three chapters of the novel!

You can get all these goods and more at All best!

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May 9, 2009

Boston Globe and NY Times Book Review write up JACK

That’s right, JACK WAKES UP, which came out on Tuesday and is available here: is included in this Sunday’s NYTBR Crime write-up by Marilyn Stasio:
“…the storytelling has vitality and a spirit of rebellion, giving us hope for the future of all those bad girls with dirty faces and bad boys on bikes.” Read more…

Also out this weekend is the Boston Globe’s report on my interesting and unique path to finding publication with Three Rivers Press, titled, “Solving Mystery of Finding Readers” Read more…

Once, Seth Harwood intended to get his novel published the old-fashioned way: Get the pedigree, write the manuscript, nab the agent, win the big contract.

But when the Newton North graduate couldn’t attract an agent for his crime thriller, he decided to do something radical: Get an audience first - by reading his book aloud, episode by episode, online.

In short, he entered the nascent world of book podcasting, and it worked. So far, 40,000 listeners have downloaded Harwood’s weekly podcasts of “Jack Wakes Up,” his debut crime novel - and a year ago 500 of them “stormed Amazon,” as Harwood puts it, to buy copies of the book online when it was released by a small New Hampshire press.

That was enough to make the book the top-selling crime novel of the day and get the attention of an agent and a publisher, at last. This week the book was rereleased - with a bona fide marketing campaign - by Three Rivers Press, a paperback imprint of Random House. Read more…

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May 13, 2009

Jack Wakes Up - Free Audio Content - Episode 4

More big events here with readings around the Bay Area, a visit to San Diego this Saturday at Mysterious Galaxy, and Marilyn Stasio says, “the storytelling has vitality and a spirit of rebellion.”

Here, for your listening pleasure is episode 4 of Jack Wakes Up.

Text link to episode (right-click or ctrl-click to download)

Please, if you like what you’re seeing/hearing here, leave a comment on the site or drop me an email. I’d love to hear from you.

Remember, you can also
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Here too is the free PDF of the first three chapters of the novel!

You can get all these goods and more at All best!

Next up: Dashiell Hammett’s first short story, “The Barber and His Wife” (1922)

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May 18, 2009


If you’re a Patricia Cornwell fan and haven’t picked up one of Simon Beckett’s books yet, the time has come. WHISPERS OF THE DEAD is Beckett’s third novel featuring forensic expert Dr. David Hunter, following Written in Bone and The Chemisty of Death—both of which were #1 international bestsellers. Pulsing with suspense, Beckett’s novels are full of grisly murders and shocking revelations that will leave you breathless.

Here are the facts:
The hero: Dr. David Hunter, British forensic anthropologist—now on American soil.

The situation: Recuperating from a near-fatal attack, Dr. Hunter has returned to the renowned research facility where he first trained—the Body Farm in Tennessee. After nearly losing his life to a crazed killer on his last case, he hopes the trip will hone his old skills and restore his shattered confidence.

A small sampling: “Skin. The largest human organ, it is also the most overlooked…. But, even dead and discarded, skin retains traces of its former self. Even now it can still have a story to tell, and secrets to keep. Provided you know how to look.”

What others have said: “Fast-paced, fascinating, and heart-stoppingly exciting.”— Tess Gerritsen

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May 19, 2009

Episode 5 of the JACK WAKES UP free audiobook

Here is episode 5 of Jack Wakes Up.

Text link to episode (right-click or ctrl-click to download)
Please, if you like what you’re seeing/hearing here, leave a comment on the site or drop me an email. I’d love to hear from you.
Remember, you can also
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May 20, 2009

Lee Child’s Playlist on the New York Times

Our own Lee Child just contributed to the New York Times Papercuts blog with a playlist of what he listens to while writing. Of particular note is the influence two live cuts from Led Zeppelin’s “The Song Remains the Same” film had on his new novel, Gone Tomorrow:

“This is a double cheat, really, on my part because the music also recalled the movie images for me, and on Zep’s part because most of the music and concert footage was rerecorded and reshot much later in a studio. But, hey, the project covered three nights at Madison Square Garden in 1973, when New York was gritty, and there are clips of the city, especially including the subway, and they inspired the feel I wanted for the book.”

Check out Lee’s playlist here.

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May 21, 2009

Simon Beckett’s new David Hunter novel

Welcome to my first (ever) blog. This is going to be an interesting few weeks. Whispers of the Dead, my third novel to feature British forensic anthropologist Dr David Hunter, is now published in the US. Which is also where it happens to be set. Whereas the first two Hunter novels, The Chemistry of Death and Written in Bone, took place in the UK, it was always my intention that the third on the series would see Hunter visit America. And specifically the place where he first learned his trade: the Body Farm in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Transplanting Hunter across the Atlantic, if only for one book, was something of a gamble. I wasn’t sure how readers would react to finding him outside his usual environment. But setting this story in Tennessee felt right to me. I’ve visited the Body Farm myself, a journalistic trip that provided the original inspiration behind The Chemistry of Death and David Hunter Hunter himself. And I blatantly picked the brains of people who know far more about this territory than I do. Professor Richard Jantz, the director of the real Body Farm (let’s give it its proper name and call it the Anthropology Research Facility) and Dr Arpad Vass of Oak Ridge National Laboratory were both enormously helpful, as was Kristin Helm at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

So far the reaction to Hunter’s third outing has been even better than I’d hoped. Whispers made the UK hardback top 10, and reached number 3 in the German bestseller charts. But of course the acid test is going to be what American readers make of it.

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed….

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May 21, 2009

Seth Harwood hits the road

With his new novel, Jack Wakes Up, now in bookstores, Seth Harwood is heading out on the road. Seth will be reading from Jack Wakes Up and signing copies for lucky readers.

Catch him at the select locations listed below.

May 21stBooks Inc.San Francisco, CA7:00pm
May 30thBorderlands BooksSan Francisco, CA3:00pm
June 4thMysterious BookshopNew York, NY6:30pm
June 9thKate’s Mystery Books Event at The Independent Bar & RestaurantCambridge, MA6:30pm
June 11thNewtonville BooksNewton, MA7:00pm
June 12thHarvard CoopCambridge, MA7:00pm
June 25thThe Poisoned PenScottsdale, AZ7:00pm
June 26thClues UnlimitedTucson, AZ5:00pm
June 27thMurder by the BookHouston, TX4:30pm
June 28thBook PassageCorte Madera, CA7:00pm
July 11thMysteries To Die ForThousand Oaks, CA11:00am
July 11thThe Mystery BookstoreLos Angeles, CA2:00pm

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May 22, 2009


Watch author Simon Beckett as he walks and talks about his new book WHISPERS OF THE DEAD.

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May 22, 2009

Warren Fahy’s FRAGMENT: Webisode 1

Warren Fahy’s debut novel comes out in mid-June, but you can experience Henders Island now by watching the first of three webisodes based on the book.

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May 24, 2009

A video clip from the road, with Seth Harwood

Hey guys,
Here’s a very short video from a few recent event stops on the JACK WAKES UP book tour including, yes, the Apple Store!
Enjoy! (Direct link to download video.)

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Missed JACK WAKES UP episode 5? It’s here
Want to start listening to the free audiobook of JACK WAKES UP, read by the author? Start here.

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May 25, 2009

Digging for facts

In my last entry I mentioned that I’d been to The Body Farm myself. That was obviously invaluable when it came to writing Whispers of The Dead,, which is set in the Tennessee research facility and the surrounding area of Knoxville and the Smoky Mountains.

I’d been commissioned to write an article about the National Forensic Academy, which delivers intensive, highly realistic crime scene training to US police officers and crime scene investigators. I was invited over for the week-long body recovery course. Naturally, it took place at the Anthropology Research Facility, the only place in the world at the time where this sort of training could be done. There were twelve ‘students’ on the course, one or two of them rookies but mostly experienced police officers. Mock crime scenes had been set up using real human remains that had been buried six months before, specifically for this exercise. The idea was to process these scenes and recover the bodies as though they were the real thing.

Walking into the Body Farm for the first time is a bizarre experience. Even the police officers themselves were nervous, which didn’t help my confidence. I was seriously concerned that I might pass out or embarrass myself.

But once the initial shock had worn off it was surprising how quickly everyone became used to the environment. The facility has a very definite purpose, and that quickly makes itself felt. On my last day I was handed a pair of overalls, told to put down my tape recorder and cheerily advised that I’d be helping the students with a grave recovery.

It was a unique experience, and one that stayed with me long after I’d returned to the UK. It left me feeling privileged to have been given an inside glimpse into the sort of work that goes one behind the scenes, and grateful that I only have to write about it.

I’m happy to leave the real work to the experts.

- Simon Beckett

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May 26, 2009


If you knew whom you were up against, you’d never stop running…

Dean Koontz, the #1 New York Times bestselling master of suspense, explores the razor-thin line between the best and worst of human nature—and the anarchy simmering just beneath society’s surface. This edge-of-your-seat new read pits a good-natured novelist against his harshest critic, a man of unimaginable malice. RELENTLESS gives new meaning to the term sociopath.

Here are the facts:

The hero: Cullen Greenwich, aka Cubby. Bestselling fiction author, loving husband and father, and the target of highly calculated and brutal attack.

The situation: When the somewhat mysterious book critic Shearman Waxx visciously attacks Cubby’s new novel in print, the writer knows better than to let it get to him. But Cubby can’t let it go. And after the two have a seemingly harmless encounter, Cubby finds himself dragged into a world of escalating terror.

A small sampling: “Because we’d seen our share of Batman movies, we knew that Evil with a capital E stalked the world, but we never expected that it would suddenly, intently turn its attention to our happy household or that this evil would be drwn to us by a book I had written.”

What others have said: “Koontz is a master of the edge-of-your-seat, paranoid thriller.”
Newark Star-Ledger

BONUS! Text KOONTZ to 49737 to receive free favorite lines from the book.
*2 messages per week; standard rates apply.

Read an excerpt:

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May 29, 2009

Episode 6 of JACK WAKES UP (free audiobook)

Here is episode 6 of Jack Wakes Up.

Text link to episode (right-click or ctrl-click to download)
Please, if you like what you’re seeing/hearing here, leave a comment on the site or drop me an email. I’d love to hear from you.
Remember, you can also
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Want to buy JACK WAKES UP? Visit here.
Miss the start of the book? This is the link to episode one and THIS is the link to the free download of the first three chapters in print form.

AND last up: I’m in NYC this week, reading at the Mysterious Bookshop on Thursday night, June 4th at 6:30PM (58 Warren St.) Drinks on me after! Facebook event link.

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