Introduction 00
Journey to Elsewhen 01
The View from in Here 02
Outside Looking In 03
In the Blindspot of the Mind's Eye 04
The Hound of Silence 05
The Future Is Now 06
Time Bombs 07
Paradise Glossed 08
Immune to Reality 09
Once Bitten 10
Reporting Live from Tomorrow 11
Afterword 12

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This is the chapter in which we hug, say goodbye to each other, and promise to stay in touch but never really do.

But seriously, this chapter is a brief, closing meditation on the book's main theme. It doesn't present new information as much as it attempts to rise up above the old information and see it from a distance. This is the meeting in which I ask students to talk about what they've learned, why they should care about what they've learned, and most importantly, what they didn't learn but wish they had.