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April 24, 2006: Maiden Blog

When the wonderful folks at Random House1 asked if I would be willing to do a blog for this website, I had to look the word up.

Don’t worry. I Googled it. I’m not a Luddite who writes books on yellow legal pads. I get email on my cell phone and can install a video card without setting anything on fire. It’s just that my work requires me to spend a lot of time reading, a lot of time writing, and a lot of time talking (I hear my wife in the background yelling “And a lot of time watching Star Trek!”) which hasn’t left me much time to wander around in cyberspace and learn about blogging. Maybe if they had called it something that doesn’t sound so much like throwing up.

Anyway, I’m delighted to be taking my maiden voyage and I welcome you on board. Feel free to unlock your tray table and lean your seat into the knees of the guy in back of you.

Posted by Dan Gilbert on April 24, 2006 | Blog home

1This line originally read “When my slave-driving publishers…,” but they monitor every word I write and they edit it before posting. However, they don’t seem to read these footnotes, so please look down here for the truth. Everything else you read on this page is sheer propaganda. And you better smile and nod while you’re reading because if you are connected to the internet they can see you through your computer. I’m telling you, man, these guys own the world.