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Thisbe Nissen: Tour Diary

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Day 16: Iowa City

Chris and I go for breakfast at Lou Henri for my favorite omelet (Swiss cheese, tomato, avocado, green onion) and then come home to deal with packing, washing, cleaning, getting ready to go. I pick more beets, and lettuce and make rice salad with chard, and marinated beets, and beet greens in garlic and hot pepper, and fresh lettuce greens with dill and lemon-dijon vinaigrette. He sequesters himself in the bathroom and performs the ritual shaving of the beard he's been growing on the farm this past month and a half. First he leaves himself a goatee and mustache and I tell him I'm not sitting next to him on the place if he doesn't get rid of the rest of it. He's wearing a wife-beater and looks like no one you'd want around your children.

Chris, half shaven, a.k.a. Vinnie

He shaves the mustache, dons a sombrero and says he's going no further. I call Josh in for reinforcement: "Josh, please, come here, say something helpful!" He says, "Ew." (Bless him.) Chris says he wants to keep it just for tonight, to go to the Mill for a Dave Zollo show. He swears he'll shave it tomorrow morning before we leave. I cross my fingers.