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Thy Neighbor's Wife

The New York Times Book Review
"A report (the result of no less than nine years of work) on just how far some of us have willingly, gladly strayed not from nineteenth-century morality, but from the kind that most of the twentieth-century has taken for granted...We are given, really, a number of well-told stories, their social message cumulative: a drastically transformed American sexuality has emerged during this past couple of decades."

Chicago Sun-Times
"Every man who reads it will recognize himself. Every woman will discover, perhaps for the first time, the secret fantasies and public privations, the loneliness and passionate lusts, of most men."

The Atlantic Monthly
"A sexual Pilgrim's Progress...Few writers have lived so long, traveled so far, on the frontiers of the sexual revolution."

"Talese does not proselytize, he informs...Readable and thoroughly entertaining."

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