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Thy Neighbor's Wife

Although it shocked the world when it was first published in 1981, bestselling author Gay Talese's exploration into the hidden and changing sex lives of Americans from all walks of life is now considered a classic. A fascinating personal odyssey into the author's private self as well as a revealing public reflection on American sexuality, Thy Neighbor's Wife changed the way Americans look at themselves and one another.

In a narrative as absorbing as a novel, Gay Talese intimately describes many of the people and events in the decades before AIDS that have influenced the redefinition of morality in America. We meet the prophets of the new sexuality: Hugh Hefner, Alex Comfort, and others. We meet couples whose buttoned-down lives were transformed by sexual liberation. We are privy to their thoughts, their fantasies, their actions as that transformation is played out against a changing sexual landscape. A landscape that includes the halls of government and the Supreme Court, as well as that remarkable spa, Sandstone; the Playboy mansion; and the living rooms and backyards of suburban ranch houses.

In Thy Neighbor's Wife, one of the supreme reporter-authors tells one of the big stories of our time--a story that is surprising and revealing. A story that is told with extraordinary skill and drama in a book that is as entertaining and controversial as it is important.

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The 2009 edition is newly updated, with an introduction by Katie Roiphe:

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