Jason Little's favorite comics links,
in no particular order.

Scott McCloud

Scott is the author of Understanding Comics, a comprehensive comics theory "text" in comics format. I recommend his book to budding comics enthusiasts more than any other. His site is packed full of more theoretical material, plus fiction comics, as well as the astounding autobiography, "My Obsession with Chess".


Inspired by the French Oubapo group, this secret society of formalist cartoonists challenges the general cartooning community to participate in their formalist dares.

U.S.S. Catastrophe

A delightful online anthology, featuring Renee French, Warren Craighead, Ben Jones, and Kevin Huizenga. You can also order some essential minicomics online here.

Highwater Books

Mainly a publisher of print comics, but secretly also a stellar online anthology, featuring Jordan Crane, Ivan Brunetti, and Megan Kelso.

Marlinspike Hall

The official Tintin site.

Demian 5

Demian5 is the master of right-scrolling webcomics. New to comics online? Start here by reading his "When I am King."

LUXurious Comics


Home to Nick Bertozzi's Rubbernecker, soon to be on the tip of everyone's tongue. His "Drop Ceiling" is jaw-droppingly fantastic.

Chrome Fetus


Visit Hans Rickheit's site and order a copy of his magnum opus, Chloe.

Mars Import

This online retailer is your one-stop shop for the best comics and graphic novels, foreign and domestic.

The Pain--When Will It End?

Tim Krieder is the greatest living single-panel cartoonist. Acutely critical and brilliantly funny, Krieder puts himself wholly into his work.




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