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    Who would you cast?

    We all love to cast the movie in our mind as we read, so now we’re asking you: if you were casting the film version of GLAPPPS, who would you love to see on the big screen?

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    93 Responses to “Who would you cast?”

    1. Ginny says:

      Throughout the reading of this book, I pictured Amy Adams as Juliet. I pictured Liam Neeson as the quiet, brooding Dawsey.

    2. Ann says:

      Juliet – Kate Winslet
      Dawsey – Colin Firth
      Amelia – Emma Thompson
      Isola – Kathy Bates
      Sidney – Hugh Jackman
      Mark – George Clooney
      Elizabeth – Helen Bonham Carter

      Loved, loved, loved the book!

    3. theresa says:

      Emily Blunt! I had already cast Amy Adams as Juliet, but Emily is a brilliant choice. How about Gerard Butler as Dawsey? I love the idea of Bill Nighy in the movie somewhere, as well as Emma Thompson; I think she’d make a great Isola.

    4. Deb Johnson says:

      I would picture as Juliet – Kate Winslet, one of my favorite actresses, Elizabeth would definitely be Emma Thompson and Colin Firth as Dawsey. I pictured as too old for Juliet at first, so an older Colin Firth would be perfect. They are definitely not the same age. Great book. Iola could be Anne Hathaway.

    5. Sandra Richardson says:

      I would like to see David O’Hara play Dawsey.

    6. Julie says:

      I totally agree that Kate Winslet would make an amazing Juliet. I first thought of Diane Kruger though.

    7. Mary says:

      If they make this into a movie, I would love to see actors/actresses that are NOT international megastars, Much as I like Kate Winslet and Colin Firth etc. –this type of casting seems wrong for this movie. For one thing–we would get early expectations of who the love interests are going to be which would spoil something. I loved that the relationship between Juliet and Dawes unfolded to the reader as it did to the character. BBC does a spectacular job of casting believable and watchable new talents. we have seen some of these in BBC series over the years.

      For the Guernsey characters of the period– we cannot forget the normandy French influence that was present and that some of these people would have spoken a patois- or have their language peppered with local Guernsey words. I would like to see casting that considers these influences for the local characters. This book is unique and needs an “indy” type approach to preserve its special character.

    8. Emma says:

      Although she’s an excellent actress, Kate Winslet, in my opinion, lacks this little sharp touch – so british – to impersonate Juliet… i’d cast an Emma Thomson-like actress for the role… Rebecca Hall or Emily Mortimer, maybe?
      And what about Hugh Grant as Sidney?

    9. Sandra says:

      I, too, am torn as to whether I would like to see this book made into a movie. I was enhanted by the words from the very first page. I agree with those who believed that the cast shouldn’t be comprised of all well-known Hollywood actors. I do like the idea of Kiera Knightly as Elizabeth, though. And I think Rupert Everett would make a brilliant Sidney. The others are more difficult.

    10. Anne says:

      Indeed. Emma Thompson must be in this movie! I loved the book, and kept thinking what a beautiful film it would make. I want to go to Guernsey myself for a visit.

    11. Carissa Lozano says:

      Such a wonderful book and movie adaptations of wonderful books tend to be very disappointing. Still I suppose if a movie were to be made of this book, I should like to see Anna Friel as Juliet, Richard Armitage as Dawsey Adams and Jeremy Northam as Sidney. Still thinking about who the others could be.

    12. Farah Barber says:

      Rene Zellweger as Juliet! The entire time I was reading this book I saw her face and squinty eyes. Not sure about the other characters.

    13. Stephanie Simpson says:

      Amy Adams or Emily Blunt as Juliet…Colin Firth as Dawsey, …Judy Densch or Helen Mirren as Amelia..Nathan Lane as Sidney….Joan Plowright as Isola…Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth

      I think about this lovely book and its characters all the time…I hope they do a superb job with the casting of the movie.

    14. Sandy Harrisson says:

      As an American, I have always admired the BBC’s rigorous attempt to cast characters according to suitability of personality and regardless of fame or maybe because of that lack. Hollywood, however, is obsessed with big names and high visibility rather then the quality of acting and adherence to the writer’s intent. I agree with Mary’s comments. Let’s hope Hollywood does not recognize the value of this book! It could be adapted to film without ruinous glam.

    15. Robin says:

      Hi agree with Mary. Well said Mary.

      I would love to see actors who are fresh, new faces, not Hollywood mega-stars. This will allow each of us to feel like we’re actually seeing Juliette, Isola, Sidney… not Colin Firth as Dawsey, or Emma Thompson acting like Isola. It will feel (hopefully, if it’s done right) like the REAL people that we fell in love with in the book are playing the story out before our eyes. It will be like meeting them, in a whole new way, all over again.

    16. cynthia says:

      I say Matthew Macfadyen should play Dawsey Adams. So solid looking with beautiful shy eyes. Jeremy Northam should be cast as someone, anyone, too.

    17. Lynn says:

      The book was great and will make a wonderful movie. I can see Isla Fisher as Julliet and Hugh Dancy as Dawsey.

    18. Diane says:

      I’m still thinking about whom I’d cast to play the characters in a movie based on this book; I thought about it the entire time I read it.

      The best suggestion I’ve seen on here for Elizabeth (in my opinion, the most central character in this story) is Cate Blanchett. I can totally see her as this strong woman.

      As for the suggestions of Helena Bonham Carter, please keep that weirdness and creepiness out of this beautiful story. Johnny Depp, umm, no. And Keira Knightly? Ugh, no way.

      By the way, I can totally see Clooney as Mark Reynolds, as this is the way I pictured him throughout the story.

    19. sharon says:

      I agree that Kate Winslet would make a great Juliet and colin firth and emma thompson should be there too…though I did like the lesser known actors in the pbs series sense and sensibility…maybe they should be included… also, does anyone know if a followup book is to be expected…I will be very disappointed if not…

    20. Annette says:

      I like the idea of unknowns playing the roles and there is large pool of excellent actors to draw from in England. The BBC overall has a good track record of casting its movies, but remember the disastrous casting of Billie Piper as Fanny Price in Mansfield Park?

    21. Leeyong says:

      I can see Marion Cotillard as Remy but have to agree, would be better to use lesser-known actors for the most part. I like Joan Plowright as Isola though and Emma Thompson would be great, maybe as Amelia? I like Keira Knightley but don’t think she would be solid enough to play Elizabeth, and am still puzzled about Juliet (unless somehow Emma Thompson can be cloned as her younger self for that role)… How about some of the cast of Foyle’s War, I’d love to see the strong but silent Sergeant Milner in anything and Foyle’s stoicism would make him a good choice too. Wonder if when they do make the movie, these comments will be taken into account…

    22. Chantelle says:

      i think a lot of unknown, unheard of people. big names often shine more than the actual story, and though Kate Winslet, and all those you’ve mentioned are terrific actors and actresses, often when i look at them, they have become such household names that i fail to distinguish the celebrity from the character they’re trying to portray. in saying this however i think Marion Cottilard would make an excellent Juliet.

    23. MARK PETTY says:

      Having just finished the book, my casting choices are very similar to most already listed. Though I also favour Kate Winslet she is most definitely not Juliet. She is without a doubt Elizabeth. Juliet’s character is too safe and feminine for our Kate. She is much more ballsy and confident about herself. Elizabeth is much more suited to her. I pictured Marion Cotillard as Remy almost immediatley. Julie T. Wallace became Isola Pribby for me, though I am not sure if she is still acting. I see either Joan Plowright or Judi Dench as Amelia, Colin Firth as Dawsey, Alessandro Nivola as Mark Reynolds after his terrific turn as Boy A in Coco Avant Chanel, Adelaide Addison should be Harriet Walter, Jeremy Northam as Will and Jim Broadbent as Eben. Finally, the perfect choice for Juliet without a doubt is Amy Adams.

    24. Ms Houpapa says:

      anybody BUT Keira Knightly in the role of Juliet!

      I DO like the idea of Amy Adams for Juliet. I think that Emily Blunt is great but too young for Juliet. She would make an excellent Elizabeth or Remy?

      Hugh Grant as Sidney is an excellent suggestion, as is Judi Dench as Amelia.

    25. Bev says:

      Gerard Butler was my image of Dawsey throughout my reading of GLAPPPS. He is masculine and roughly good-looking yet I believe he has the ability to portray Dawsey with all that character’s requisite gentleness and quiet strength. Amy Adams is much too sweet to play Juliet – I see her more as Anne Hathaway. Kate Winslet would be perfect as Elizabeth, but never as Juliet. Emma Thompson is a superb ascress but much too old to play either of the lead female roles. But with the proper makeup she could be a great Isola! Please, NO Keira Knightly!!!

    26. Robert Fuller says:

      Mark! Thought I would be the lone male poster! Glad to see I’m not the only “guy” who thoroughly enjoyed the book, having finished yesterday at lunch. Marion Cotillard, definitely. I must say I think Kate could pull off Juliet; I’m always skittish casting Americans in English roles – they lack the ability to properly portray subtle mannerisms and turns-of-phrase – Miss Adams is very good, but I’m leaning toward “your” Kate. I didn’t see Amelia as old as others have depicted; I think Emma Thompson would do fine in that role. Also Isola – others see her as so much older! I saw Helena Bonham Carter instantly. Kristen Scott Thomas as the naysayer in Guernsey whose name escapes me. And what of dear old Sophie? I do like Emily Blunt for her. Sidney…. can’t quite accept Rupert Everett. We’ll have to think about that one. Where’s Cary Grant when you need him! The boorish Mark – take your pick of arrogant American actors. Clooney – I say no, but the studio will say YES, and he’ll agree, to appear that he’s not one to not stoop to build up what he will consider a pathetic little picture. Eben – I do like someone’s suggestion of Jim Broadbent. A bit old for the part though, is my fear. I see Eben as about 50, not 70. I say Eben and son should be relative unknowns. Kit as well. No precocious little starlet – just a simple girl. Christian could be that lad from The Reader. And of course Elizabeth – wow – what a powerful character – other may disagree, but it’s hard for me not to see Kiera Knightly just being brilliant in bringing her alive, with her tom-boyish defiance. And Dawsey…. I saw him as very slim – Mr. Firth will have my vote if he loses about 30 pounds. About time a gent is made to lose weight for a role, eh? We must give SOMETHING to Cate Blanchett… another island naysayer, I should think. And that old snobbish Lady So-and-So who wrote of Juliet so disparagingly – all yours, Dame Dench! :)

    27. Jamie Kidd says:

      I am hoping that some less mainstream actors will be chosen. In my mind I pictured Emma Griffiths Malin, who recently was seen on Masterpeice Mystery’s “Marple”. I saw Ben Chaplin as Dawsey, Marion Cotillard as Remy(although she’s a little older than Remy in the book), and as Elizabeth, Amy Adams. I saw James Marsdon as Mark, and as Amelia I saw Penelope Wilton. And the “Snobbish so and so” as mentioned previously definately Judi Dench. PLEASE…NO KEIRA KNIGHTLY!!! It would absolutely ruin it!!!

    28. Justine says:

      When reading the book, I imagined Dawsey to look like Lee Pace or Matthew McFadyen. I’m not sure if Pace could pull off a British accent, though. I completely agree that Helena Bonham-Carter would be a perfect Isola; she’s definitely quirky enough. She’d have to tone down the creepiness, though. Judi Dench should play Amelia. I think Juliet should be unknown, and so should most of the other characters, especially Kit. An annoying child star could definitely kill the movie.

    29. Sarah says:

      I would love to have the same experience I had watching Ruth Wilson in Jane Eyre, or Daniela Denby-Ashe in North & South, when seeing this movie. The experience of just seeing the character, not the actor. Both these young women did absolutely stunning turns in those films. I see both of them as being too young for these roles however. For Dawsey, someone solid and woodsy, but also the sort of man that Kit would just crawl into his lap. And delivery of the line from the top of the ladder, heard from outside the window by Isola, so perhaps he has only his voice and not his face to convey that moment? I think Clooney is too old for Mark, and too manly as well. Mark to me seemed more “American” clean, sanitary, empty, glitzy. It occurs to me that it must not be so clear that Dawsey is the yummy manly earthy catch and Mark the sparkle and the glitz. That would be at toughy. Isola to me should be late 40s, ruddy, thick and sturdy, perhaps with a wild frenzy of hair falling out of bun. I don’t see Helena Bonham Carter there. Actually, come to think of it, Kate Winslet could have a REALLY fun time playing that role… Above all, I think Juliet needs to have a warmth, a curiousity, a sense of humor, a love of people. Kate needs to be a defender, yes, but also the care of tranforming herself into a nurse, solidifying a community, etc. This is an absolutey charming book and will make a lovely movie, too…

    30. Jill says:

      I like Ann’s thoughts, but here are mine. I have to offer some options as I can’t decide on some.

      Juliet – Kate Winslet
      Dawsey – Christian Bale or Gerard Butler
      Amelia – Helen Mirren
      Isola – Emma Thompson
      Sidney – Hugh Grant
      Mark – Julian McMahon or Jon Hamm
      Elizabeth – Rachel Weisz
      Remy – Audrey Tautou

    31. Nancy says:

      How about casting the movie in 1946? So–
      Juliet: Wendy Hiller
      Elizabeth (in flashbacks): Bette Davis
      Markham: Clark Gable
      Amelia: Greer Garson
      Isola: Dame Mae Whitty
      Sidney: David Niven
      Dawsey: Carey Grant

    32. Nancy says:

      Oh and one more–
      Eben: Victor McGlaughlin

    33. Abigail says:

      I like the suggestion of Jon Hamm for Mark—he’s got such a period American-ness to him, for better or worse. I’d imagined someone bigger and broader and more sharply featured than George Clooney. More classically attractive. And someone said Matthew Macfayen for Dawsey which I’ll also second, although I imagined him thinner, with more of the Charles Lamb-iness. I was thinking of Ioan Gryffudd… I love the idea of Cate Blanchett for Juliet—I adore Kate Winslet, but she just wasn’t my physical idea as I read the book. I could see her as Elizabeth. And someone else mentioned Bill Nighy; couldn’t he play Eben?

    34. Christina says:

      i’m surprised that everyone visualized dawsey as a catch. i didn’t have any clue in the beginning that he and juliet would fall in love. to be honest i really see him as in his early 40’s and just a normal looking guy- not a hottie like gerard butler. He “catches” juliet because of his quiet strength and the fact that he takes care of everyone. he is a sharp contrast to everyone else she knows and it is this that captures her- not his stunning good looks. i also don’t like the typical “gay” stereotype for sydney. in my experience truley gay people don’t actually act “gay” like on TV. Instead i hope the actor focuses on sydney’s character and not the one detail of his being homosexual. He is an endearing man who seems a lot like a brother to juliet. i see mark as a wiry guy who probably usually only gets girls because he has lots of money (which is why he goes after juliet) not because he looks like George clooney, who probably wouldn’t do the movie- but not because he’s a snob like some people think. it looks to me from some of these comments that movies based on books are really ruining literature! So many people have the image of a big movie star in their heads when reading a book. i love to make characters my own. they are so real in my head that if i saw colin firth as dawsey i don’t think i would believe it. There is one character in the book who can be as beautiful as you like. that would be elizabeth. she had to be a stunner to catch the eye of a german soldier in the middle of the war. she is someone who is beautiful and vibrant enough to turn heads even in the drab cold poverty of a war. don’t get me wrong, i like movies and i enjoy performances by bigtime actors like anyone else. i just think typecasting can get way out of hand. how many times do we need to see colin firth as the shy bumbling lover? i think he made a smart move in the Accidental Husband playing a much different kind of man. you just end up liking him even more when he doesn’t ‘get the girl’.

    35. Susan says:

      Juliet – Anne Hathaway
      Dawsey – Gerard Butler or Jeffrey Dean Morgan
      Amelia – Emma Thompson or Helen Mirren
      Isola – Helena Bonham-Carter or Emma Thompson
      Sidney – Hugh Jackman
      Mark – Jon Hamm
      Elizabeth – Rachel McAdams
      Remy- Marion Cotillard

    36. Nancy says:

      I think Amy Adams would make a great Juliet!

    37. Yashwina says:

      Emily Blunt as Juliet for sure
      Helena Bonham-Carter as Isola!!!
      I see Judi Dench as a sweet Amelia Maugery, but I’m not sure.
      Dawsey cannot be Colin Firth. No. Please, no.

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