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World leaders will not act unless their citizens tell them to act. Your voice is powerful. Here are a few ways to use it:

Keep Darfur an important issue in the government: Visit to connect with the White House, United Nations and your representatives in Congress and tell them to act decisively to end the violence in Darfur.

Learn More: Read briefing papers and up-to-date reports on Darfur and Chad from Human Rights Watch at

Divest: Encourage investment firms to withdraw from companies that help fund genocide in Darfur. Visit for more information.

China: Urge China to use its unrivaled influence with the Sudanese government as leverage during the 2008 Beijing Games to bring security to Darfur. Visit for more information.

Join or start a local advocacy group: Type your zip code in to to find a group near you.

Become a part of the Darfur advocacy community: Many voices are stronger than one. Learn how you can work with other advocacy groups to help Darfur such as Refugees International, the Enough Project, and Human Rights First.

Spread the word: Tell everyone about Daoud’s story and encourage them to sign up on the Save Darfur email list for regular updates and to take action.

Donate: Humanitarian and advocacy groups are keeping hundreds of thousands of Darfuris alive and pushing for their return home, including the Doctors without Borders, Oxfam and CARE.


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**The resources listed were provided by the author and the Save Darfur Coalition. Random House can neither endorse nor guarantee their performance.

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