The Translator is the remarkable true story of one man who has made a difference in the world. It will change the way you think forever.
The Translator, by Daoud Hari, a native Darfurian, may be the biggest small book of this year, or any year. In roughly 200 pages of simple, lucid prose, it lays open the Darfur genocide more intimately and powerfully than do a dozen books by journalists or academic experts. Hari and his co-writers achieve this in a voice that is restrained, generous, gentle and—astonishingly—humorous.”
Washington Post Book World

“[The Translator] is a book every American should read. In the spirit of courage and a desire to protect his people, Hari has written and emotional yet gentle memoir...”
Deseret Morning News

"In his moving memoir, The Translator, Daoud Hari illuminates the complexities of the conflict [in Darfur]..., but his book's modest scope is perhaps its greatest strength. In its intimacy, quiet humor and compassion, The Translator is more like a conversation with a friend than a call to action. The plight of someone close to you can pierce you, and Hari keeps his readers close.”
Los Angeles Times

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