Making Your Life a Spiritual Adventure

Working with many of the eminent thinkers of our times, including Zen masters, rabbis, Christian monks, psychologists, scientists, and an array of noted American figures—from L.A. Lakers coach Phil Jackson to author Maya Angelou— Elizabeth Lesser found that by combining a variety of religious, psychological, and healing traditions, each of us has the unique ability to satisfy our spiritual hunger.

In The Seeker's Guide, Lesser synthesizes the lessons learned from an immersion into the world's wisdom traditions and intertwines them with illuminating stories from her daily life. Recounting her own trials and errors and offering meditative exercises, she shows the reader how to create a personal practice, gauge one's progress, and choose effective spiritual teachers and habits. Warm, accessible, and wise, this book provides directions through the four landscapes of the spiritual journey:

learning meditation to ease stress and anxiety

dealing with grief, loss, and pain;
opening the heart and becoming fully alive

returning the body to the spiritual fold to heal
and overcome the fear of aging and death

experiencing daily life as an adventure of meaning and mystery

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Praise for The Seeker’s Guide

“Those who are looking for an uncharted way of living their beliefs will find The Seeker’s Guide a guiding light. Elizabeth Lesser’s book defines what many have longed to see in print—a new Varieties of Religious Experience one hundred years after William James. This is a courageous book in which the author doesn’t spare her own leaps of faith and dark moments of the soul, even as she encounters some the great luminaries of our times. I was moved and affected— and I had a great time—reading her journey of a thousand stories that began with a girl’s first halting spiritual steps. Her luminous sense of spirituality bubbles out of every deep pathway described along the way. For the seekers of the `90's and the visionaries of the next century, this book will shake your world too.”
—Phil Jackson, Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, and author of Sacred Hoops

“I’ve often been repelled by the flakiness and intellectual vacuity of those who claim to be presenting the world a new spirituality. So it was a delight to read Elizabeth Lesser's deep, serious and intellectually stimulating portrayal of the range and possibilities of contemporary spiritual discourse and practice. Lesser has a remarkable capacity to highlight that which is most powerful and compelling in the revival of American spirituality. No serious intellectual could reasonably dismiss the lasting significance of the new interest in spirituality after reading Lesser's book.”
—Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor, TIKKUN Magazine, and author of The Politics of Meaning and Jewish Renewal

“Elizabeth Lesser offers up a rich cornucopia of lessons for the soul in The Seeker’s Guide, a warm and fascinating account of a modern pilgrimage.”
—Daniel Goleman, Ph.D., author of Emotional Intelligence

“As the co-founder of the internationally known Omega Institute, Elizabeth Lesser has witnessed the search for God in America from a front row seat. As both an observer and a participant, she is funny, profoundly moving, unpretentious, and simply brilliant. In The Seeker’s Guide she validates our spiritual hunger, offering us the clarity to separate what will nourish it from what will not. This is a book for anyone who wants to read their own spiritual story more clearly and find the inner compass than can lead them home.”
—Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D., author of Kitchen Table Wisdom