Picture of Author    From the Desktop of Haruki Marukami


  • View photos requested by Haruki Murakami to be taken to give American readers a sense of Japan -- and some of which are taken of places directly mentioned in SPUTNIK SWEETHEART, such as Inogashira Park, Shinjuku, and the Kinokuniya Bookstore.

  • Read an email roundtable, TRANSLATING MURAKAMI, with Jay Rubin and Philip Gabriel (translators of Murakami), and Gary Fisketjon (Murakami's editor at Knopf).

  • See the cover and the interior of the original Japanese edition of SPUTNIK SWEETHEART and the interior.

  • Read an excerpt from UNDERGROUND.

  • Read an excerpt from SOUTH OF THE BORDER, WEST OF THE SUN.

  • The Vintage Books reader's guide to NORWEGIAN WOOD.