Here are some of the reviews we've received so far for Running with the Demon and A Knight of the Word.

Reviews from the Press and from Other Authors:

On A Knight of the Word:

"Brooks continues his vacation from his trademark Tolkienesque adventures (the Shannara and Magic Kingdom novels) with this urban dark fantasy, a sharp and satisfying follow-up to last year's Running with the Demon...Brook's real achievement, however, is his orchestration of the tale's social issues and personal dramas into a scenario with the resonance of myth. Both a sprightly entertainment and a thoughtful allegory of the forces of good and evil at large in the modern world, this novel is sure to increase its author's already vast readership."
--Publisher's Weekly

On Running with the Demon:

"Running with the Demon is by far the best of Terry Brooks' many wonderful novels: darker, starker, classically written, and with a brand-new mythos to fuel its contemporary plot. I couldn't put it down. Welcome to my world, Terry!"
--John Saul, author of The Blackstone Chronicles

"The genius of Brooks lies in his inspired joining of different worlds in one intricate tale... Brooks's pacing is fabulous, and he manages to surprise and yet to maintain a feeling of inevitability. The last third of the book is a breathtaking run of near-catastrophes and revelations. As his first novel to be set in the modern world, this volume represents a significant development for Brooks; but his fans should embrace it as eagerly as the have The Sword of Shannara."
--Publishers Weekly

"I will be thinking about Running with the Demon for weeks, savoring a magnificent story and turning over its mysteries in my mind. It is suspenseful and mesmerizing and, just when you think you have mastered the puzzles inherent in it, you realize you have been led astray. Wonderfully written, full of pure love and bitter hatred, the story line is as intricate as a spider's web. Terry Brooks' best yet, and a treat for us all!"
--Ann Rule, author of Stranger Beside Me

Reviews from Booksellers:

Dan Brooks, Crown, Bethesda, Maryland:
"Running with the Demon is a fantastic breakthrough into the new genre of 'contemporary fantasy'. It is a fast-paced, can't-put-it-down action showdown between good and evil in America's heartland. The combination of magic and modern life is blended perfectly by Terry Brooks. RUNNING... touched me particularly because of its use of many examples of unexplainable behavior in our world."

Raquel Ramirez, Super Crown, Long Beach, California:
"An awesome read! I had never been a reader of this author's work though I had always been a sci-fi fan. Understanding that the author had deviated from his ogoing Shannara series, I was very curious. And my curiosity was fulfilled. Running with the Demon has a great premise and an even better message. Brooks' characterization was excellent though I really wanted more of Nest's grandmother's experience with magic and of course who could get enough of Pick!) My next read is the Tangle Box, Mr. Brooks has found a new fan."

Kathleen Pribyl, Media Play, Orem, Utah:
"Yes! Believable, honest, painful, fulfilling! I've never read the Shannara series, but I will now. Simply great!"

Yvette C. Turner, Waldenbooks:
"This was definitely different than anything else I have ever read by him. Truly a gripping tale. Vivid images and excellent pace made it easy to lose yourself."

Kathy Yasaitis, Encore, Newtown, Pennsylvania:
"I have to admit I was not expecting to like this newest offering by Terry Brooks. I had never read anything by him, nor have I ever been interested in reading anything by him. But, to my surprise, I loved Running with the Demon! I couldn't put it down! The characters and setting were so believable. I really cared about what happened to them and their town. I really hoped that Nest and John would defeat the demon without destroying themselves in the process. I also have my fingers crossed that John will be back again in a sequel. I look forward to sharing this book with my customers. They're in for a special treat."

Kathy Baker, Waldenbooks, N. Richland Hills, Texas:
"Look out Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Brooks has a real winner in this book. His chilling contrast of good and evil makes a very believable tale.

Eric Flaherty, Barnes & Noble, West Long Branch, New Jersey:
"Very King-ish in the fight between good and evil. Suspense builds from the start. Following Nest as she discovers what is at risk is thrilling. Watching her learn about her power and who she is interesting. Do all of mankind have a dark legacy that is ours to claim or turn our backs on?"

Howard Melnikoff, Barnes & Noble, Valencia, California:
"I'm a big fan of Brooks. Running with the Demon was a delightful change into the present day. Again, another strong female character. This is one of the most enjoyable novels I've ever read!"

Wendy Ellerman, Barnes & Noble, Mobile, Alabama:
"I always suspected there was more going on in the underbrush than most humans could see--Terry Brooks just confirmed it! RUNNING... is a real treat for those of us who always figured 'mother nature' could take care of herself."

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