"Brilliant.... A wonderfully courageous second novel."

"Remarkable.... A historically credible account of the period just after America entered the First World War, when 'the Spanish Lady' laid waste to Boston and much of the rest of the country."

"Her second novel is of a piece with [Bee Season] in its invention and stylistic skill.... A warmhearted, unusual and intelligent consideration of a world about which few people know."
San Francisco Chronicle

"An engrossing look at how one young woman grows through personal losses at a time when so many lost so much."
The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Beguiling... If you had to imagine a book as different as possible from Goldberg's fine first novel...you couldn't beat Wickett's Remedy."

"Wickett's Remedy is a rare and wondrous novel, a marvelous construction that captivates even as it illuminates. Myla Goldberg seamlessly re-creates a pivotal time and place in our history with a main character as real as your grandmother...A terrific, mesmerizing piece of work."
—Jeffrey Lent, author of Lost Nation and In The Fall

"An epic story that is sure to become a classic. Goldberg skillfully stitches together the various pieces of a structurally complex novel. Like Bee Season, this sorrowful, humorous, and tender novel utterly satisfies. Congratulations to Goldberg on another masterpiece."
Library Journal