A Novel by Jonathan rabb
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"...astonishing...a ghostly noir that could have been conspired at by Raymond Chandler and André Malraux." Harper's

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"...a novel so richly drawn, so dark and so compelling it reaches into your gut and holds on tight... "
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About the Book

In the last days of the First World War, socialist revolution swept across Germany, sending Kaiser Wilhelm into exile, and transforming Berlin into a battleground. Order returned only when the two leaders of the movement—Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg—were hunted down and assassinated on the fifteenth of January, 1919. Liebknecht’s body was discovered the next morning; Luxemburg’s body, however, remained missing until the end of May.

A genuine mystery at the time, Rosa’s fate has continued to prompt speculation to this day. Jonathan Rabb’s taut new political thriller imagines one strikingly real possibility.

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