Jean Plaidy

Featured Author: Jean Plaidy

Three Rivers Press is very proud to publish Jean Plaidy. Born Eleanor Alice Burford, she was Britain’s most prolific historical novelist, writing 183 books over the course of her career. She wrote under many pen names—Jean Plaidy was one of her most popular pseudonyms, and was created when she lived near Plaidy Beach, in Cornwall. Her novels are well-researched, compelling…and very addictive! To date, Three Rivers Press has reissued novels from the Tudor and Stuart periods, and from the Queens of England series. Jean wrote so many historical novels it can be confusing to decide in what order to read them. With this in mind, we have compiled the lists below so that her fans can plan their reading accordingly. Please check often to learn which of your favorite Jean Plaidy novels will be back in print next!

The Novels of the
Queens of England
(Listed in Historical Order)
  • The Courts of Love: The Story of Eleanor of Aquitaine
  • The Queen's Secret: The Story of Queen Katherine
    —Coming in Spring '07
  • The Reluctant Queen: The Story of Anne of York
  • The Lady in the Tower (Anne Boleyn)
  • The Rose Without a Thorn (Katherine Howard)
  • In the Shadow of the Crown (Mary Tudor)
  • Queen of this Realm (Memoir of Elizabeth I)
  • Myself My Enemy: The Story of Henrietta Maria
  • The Pleasures of Love: The Story of Catherine of Braganza
  • William's Wife: The Story of Queen Mary II
  • Victoria Victorious (Memoir of Queen Victoria)

Green= In print, published by Three Rivers Press

The Tudors
(Listed in Historical Order)

  • Uneasy Lies the Head: King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York
  • Katherine of Aragon: The Wives of Henry VIII
  • Murder Most Royal: Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard
  • St. Thomas's Eve: The Story of Sir Thomas More
  • The Sixth Wife: Katherine Parr
  • The Thistle and the Rose: Margaret, Princess of England, Queen of Scotland
  • Mary, Queen of France: Princess Mary Rose
  • The Spanish Bridegroom: The Story of Philip II
  • Gay Lord Robert: Lord Robert Dudley and Elizabeth I

Green= In print, published by Three Rivers Press

*This one volume contains three novels: Katharine the Virgin Widow, The Shadow of the Pomegranate, The King's Secret Matter

The Stuarts
(Listed in Historical Order)

  • The Royal Road to Fotheringay: Mary, Queen of Scots
  • The Captive Queen of Scots
    —Coming in November ’06!
  • The Murder in the Tower: Frances, Countess of Essex
  • *The Loves of Charles II: The Stuart Saga
  • The Three Crowns: William and Mary
  • The Haunted Sisters: The Daughters of James II
  • The Queen's Favorites: (Queen Anne, Sara Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough, Abigail Hill)

Green= In print, published by Three Rivers Press

*This one volume contains three novels: The Wandering Prince, Health Unto His Majesty, Here Lies our Sovereign Lord)