“Bringing to conclusion the story arc begun in Starters (2012), Price’s first take on a post-plague Los Angeles, this [Enders] is pure, adrenaline-fueled plot… Fans of Starters will gobble this up, and while the conclusion is conclusive, there remains room to imagine Callie and her fellow Metals in new adventures.” —Booklist

“Teenagers with microchips that enable people to borrow their bodies evade those who would use them … [Enders] offers some answers and a solid conclusion that will repay readers. —Kirkus Reviews

Starters was named a Best Teen Book of 2012 by Barnes & Noble

Starters won the Crimezone Award for the Best YA Thriller (foreign) in the Netherlands

Starters was chosen by a jury of teens as a Eselsohr Award-winner in Germany for The Best YA Book of 2012.

Starters named a Los Angeles Public Library Best Teen Book of 2012

Chapters/Indigo includes Starters on its Best Teen Books of 2012 list

Starters was named one of the Best of the Best Books for Teens by The Chicago Public Library

Starters is #4 on Kidzworld’s Top 10 Teen Books of 2012

“Starters is a dystopian read you’ll want to snatch up for yourself... With its intriguing plot-twists and dash of romance, Lissa's novel is a bona fide page-turner that proves you can't take anything—or anyone—at face value. The best part? Readers need only wait until December for the second (and final) novel in the series, Enders... ”

MTV’s Blog, Hollywood Crush

Read Lissa’s interview on EW.com’s Shelf Life to learn more about how she got the idea for Starters, and what is to come in December when the sequel Enders comes out.

“…chilling and riveting debut… with exquisite pacing, Price weaves a tale of intrigue… A page-turning first novel about the quest for youth and beauty — at the cost of one’s life, soul or treasure. ”

EW.com’s Shelf Life

“Its generation versus generation conflict makes Price’s first novel an obvious companion to The Hunger Games, and its fast pace and resourceful female protagonist extend this comparison. ”

Amy S. Pattee, Simmons College, Boston, School Library Journal

“Fast-paced, romantic and thought-provoking, the jaw-dropping ending left us starving for a sequel. ”

Justine Magazine

“…twists along with multiple-identity switcheroos and chase scenes worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster… the inevitable sequel can’t appear soon enough. ”


“Callie is a very sympathetic kick-butt protagonist who you’ll love cheering for. She’s the kind of teen every teen would like to be; confident, determined, caring, strong, and courageous. ”


“Readers who have been waiting for a worthy successor to Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games will find it here. Dystopian sci-fi at its best, Starters is a terrific series kickoff with a didn’t-see-that-coming conclusion that will leave readers on the edges of their seats . . .”

The Los Angeles Times

“...the next best entry into the crowded future-dystopia teen novel genre.”

The Los Angeles Times Spring Preview: Books

“...twists and turns come so fast that readers will stay hooked. Constantly rising stakes keep this debut intense.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Newcomer Price launches a dystopian series that offers... a notable command of technique . . . Raising questions about class, property, and body/mind separation, Price's thriller features well-crafted tension, believable villains, and moments of stolen sweetness.”

Publishers Weekly, April 30, 2012

“This action-packed novel is set in a twisted, hostile world and is a must-read for fans of The Hunger Games and Legend. Fast paced, romantic, and thought provoking, the jaw-dropping ending left us starving for a sequel.”

Justine Magazine, April / May 2012

Starters is a dystopian read you’ll want to snatch up for yourself... With its intriguing plot-twists and dash of romance, Lissa’s novel is a bona fide page turner that proves you can't take anything–or anyone–at face value.”

MTV.com’s Hollywood Crush Blog

EW.com’s Shelf Life Blog features a Q&A with Lissa Price

YABooksCentral.com talks to Lissa Price about Starters

“Intriguing, thought-provoking and addictive.”


“Addictive and alluring.”


“Chilling and riveting.”