Author, Ann BrasharesDear Readers,

If you are new to the Sisterhood, I want to welcome you. And if you are already a part of it, I want to thank you. Carmen, Bridget, Lena, and Tibby have had lives far beyond what I ever hoped or expected for them, and the credit goes to you.

I can’t tell you how fun it’s been to travel around and meet some of you. You are not only winning and great, but you give me advice and a lot of good ideas. And I pay attention. For example, you all told me you wanted to see Eric Richman, the soccer coach again. At first I thought we were done with him. And then I thought about it some more, and I realized that he did need to come back for Bee’s sake and for his own. So thanks to you all, Eric is back in the third book, Girls in Pants, which is now in paperback! I hope you’ll like it.

The Sisterhood is ultimately about friendship. It’s about loving the people around you in an unconditional way. Sometimes that means being honest and challenging with your friends—saying the hard things rather than taking the easy way. It’s also about receiving that kind of love with grace. When I’ve done readings and book signings, many of you arrive in your own groups of friends. You tell me funny, poignant stories of things you’ve shared—clothing, scrapbooks, boyfriends (ha!), whatever. I can’t count how many of you bring an extra book for me to sign for somebody you love. People say my books are fantasy, but I know they’re not. I see your friendships in real life and I know it’s possible. The Traveling Pants do represent love, but it doesn’t take a pair of pants to get it or give it.

Thank you all for the inspiration. Keep reading and I’ll keep writing.


About Ann Brashares

“I don't really write with the idea of trying to teach any lessons. I want to tell a story as truthfully and engagingly as I can, and then let the chips fall where they may.”—Ann Brashares

Ann Brashares grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland, with three brothers and attended a Quaker school in the D.C. area called Sidwell Friends. She studied Philosophy at Barnard College, part of Columbia University in New York City. Expecting to continue studying philosophy in graduate school, Ann took a year off after college to work as an editor, hoping to save money for school. Loving her job, she never went to graduate school, and instead, remained in New York City and worked as an editor for many years. Ann made the transition from editor to full-time writer with her first novel, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

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