“Bray is totally successful in placing her readers in the confinement of Victorian England and also in the freedom of the strange spirit world Gemma finds.” —Kliatt

“The pace is lively, with issues of class, health and empire thrown in to complicate it all.” —The Chicago Tribune

“A Great and Terrible Beauty is a multi-layered, ambitious work that mixes history, magic, romance, humor and mystery, making it a good choice for a wide range of readers.” —BookPage

“A Great and Terrible Beauty is just the book for anyone who loves mystery, magic, intrigue and adventure.” —Detroit News & Free Press

“A delicious, elegant gothic.” —Publishers Weekly

“Shivery with both passion and terror.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Will draw a large, enthusiastic audience, who will come away wanting more about stubborn, willful Gemma and the strange world whose doors she can open at will.” —Booklist

“Libba Bray’s evocative, sensory description and clever plot twists make for an intriguing read . . . mystery, magic and dark secrets await those who take this journey.”
—Sarah Todd, Children’s Book World, Haverford, PA

“Time and space are all but forgotten, as you become part of this Victorian, supernatural mystery,
and it becomes part of you. Leaves you wanting more.”
—Nikki Mutch, University of Connecticut Co-op Books

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