Check out Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi, author of the forthcoming The Great Derangement, for his commentary on the presidential primary candidates, past and present.

February 1, 2008

McCain’s Last Stand
“It seems amazing to say, but in the Bush era, distancing oneself from the Spanish Inquisition actually qualifies as political courage.”

Hill on Fire
“Hillary Clinton has taken an enormous amount of abuse over the years from some very bad people, but her basic problem is that she’s deserved all of it.”

Giuliani: Worse Than Bush
“Giuliani has good stage presence, but his physical appearance is problematic—virtually neckless, all shoulders and forehead and overbite, with a hunched-over, Draculoid posture that recalls, oddly enough, George W. Bush, the vestigial stoop of a once-chubby kid who grew up hiding tittie pictures from nuns.”

Mike Huckabee, Our Favorite Right-Wing Nutjob
“If this religious zealot’s rise represents the end of corporate dominance of the Republican Party, is that a good thing? Or is the real thing even worse than the fraud?”

Mitt Romney: The Huckster
“For this is the great strength of Mitt Romney: when the former governor of Massachusetts and current Republican front-runner in Iowa is on his game, voters walk out of his campaign events thinking he’s the candidate of blue sky and sunshine, of cute newborn puppies, of the crack of the bat in spring training, of the first bite of a warm oatmeal cookie.”

Obama’s Moment
“Like Kennedy or Reagan or even Bill Clinton, Obama is a politician whose best chance for success has always been on the level of myth and hero worship; to win the Democratic nomination, he must successfully sell himself not just as a candidate but as an icon, a symbol of the best possible future for twenty-first-century multicultural America and an antidote to both the callous reactionary idiocy of the Bush administration and the shrewd but soulless corporatism of the Clinton machine.”

Matt Taibbi is the author of The Great Derangement, coming April '08.