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ASAP World History: Modern, 2nd Edition: A Quick-Review Study Guide for the AP Exam
Written by The Princeton Review

Format: eBook, 224 pages
On Sale: December 2019
Price: $6.99
ISBN: 978-0-525-56932-9 (0-525-56932-4)

About This Book

Looking for sample exams, practice questions, and test-taking strategies? Check out our extended, in-depth prep guide, Cracking the AP World History: Modern Exam!

LIKE CLASS NOTES—ONLY BETTER. The Princeton Review's ASAP World History: Modern is designed to help you zero in on just the information you need to know to successfully grapple with the AP test. No questions, no drills: just review.

Advanced Placement exams require students to have a firm grasp of content—you can't bluff or even logic your way to a 5. Like a set of class notes borrowed from the smartest student in your grade, this book gives you exactly that. No tricks or crazy stratagems, no sample essays or practice sets: Just the facts, presented with lots of helpful visuals.

Inside ASAP World History: Modern, you'll find:
• Essential concepts, people, events, dates, and ideas for AP World History: Modern —all explained clearly & concisely
• Lists, charts, maps, and graphs for quick visual reference
•  A three-pass icon system designed to help you prioritize learning what you MUST, SHOULD, and COULD know in the time you have available
• "Ask Yourself" questions to help identify areas where you might need extra attention
• A resource that's perfect for last-minute exam prep and for daily class work

Topics covered in ASAP World History: Modern include:
• The Renaissance
• Revolutions and the formation of nations
• 20th-century developments such as WWI, WWII, and communism
• Independence movements in Asia and Africa
• ... and more!