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The Kingdom and the Power

A fourteen-story gray Gothic building on 43rd Street in Manhattan houses the world's mightiest newspaper kingdom--whose power is such that those who run it and work for it influence the course of human history. How a bankrupt newspaper (circulation only 9,000 with $300,000 in accumulated debts and losing money at the rate of $1,000 a day when Adolph Ochs bought it in 1896) grew to such Olympian heights is chronicled in luminous and absorbing details by former New York Times correspondent and bestselling author Gay Talese.

Gay Talese lays bare the secret internal intrigues at the daily, revealing the stories behind the personalities, rivalries, and scoops at the most influential paper in the world. In gripping detail, Talese examines the private and public lives of the famed Ochs family, along with their direct descendants, the Sulzbergers, and their hobknobbing with presidents, kings, ambassadors, and cabinet members, and the vicious struggles for power and control at the paper.

Regarded as a classic piece of journalism, The Kingdom and the Power is as gripping as a work of fiction and as relevant as today's headlines.

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