In The Divided Kingdom, a new novel by Rupert Thomson, a boy is taken from his family and caught up in a comprehensive unraveling of what had been a united kingdom. The powers that be—reacting to their country's decline into consumerism, turpitude, racism, and violence—establish in its place four independent republics based on the perceived nature of the citizens assigned to each.

How would you fare in this partitioned world? Answer the following questions to find out which group you would become a part of.

Directions: Choose the statement that best describes your approach to each of the following.

1. An argument at work:
A On edge; I am uncompromising and quick to anger
B Passive; I dislike confrontations
C Peacemaking; I try to see everyone's point of view and d efuse the situation
D Nervous; Tension makes me withdrawn and depressed

2. Life:
A 'In real life, of course, it is the hare who wins.' - Anita Brookner
B 'My life consists in my being content to accept many things.' - Ludwig Wittgenstein
C 'Life is like a box of chocolates.' - Forrest Gump
D 'The whole life of man is but a point in time.' - Plutarch

3. Construction outside your house:
A Angry at the disruption
B No problem
C Optimistic, there must be a good reason for them
D Miserable because of the traffic

4. Helping to organize a surprise birthday party for a friend:
A Assertive to the point of domineering
B Indecisive and mostly uninvolved
C Enthusiastically helpful and revelling in the excitement
D Cynical about the whole thing

5. Home:
A is wherever I am
B is a place to sleep and eat
C is an organized place perfect for relaxing and entertaining
D is a private space in which to express myself
6. Clothes:
A I wear what I like, and don't care what others think
B I prefer comfort or whatever's clean over fashion
C I have an eclectic approach to clothes and enjoy creating my own style
D An interest in clothes is so superficial
7. Love:
A 'The most wonderful kind of delirium is love.' - Yevgeny Zamyatin
B 'Love is such a mystery.' - John Suckling
C 'I would love infinitely, and be loved.' - Robert Browning
D 'Love - any love - reveals us in our nakedness, our misery, our vulnerability, our nothingness.' - Cesare Pavese

8. Motivations:
A I'm motivated by a need to make an impact on the world
B I'm motivated by a need to maintain a calm and relaxed life
C I'm motivated by the desire to pursue my goals
D I'm motivated by a need to understand and express myself
9. Organization:
A I thrive on tackling important tasks head on and am easily bored by less significant ones
B I find it hard motivating myself and procrastinate over important jobs
C I organize my time effectively and progress through tasks depending on their importance
D I believe that organization stifles creativity
10. Spontaneity:
A I often act on impulse and enjoy unpredictability
B I don't mind spontaneity but normally just follow the crowd
C I am impulsive if I feel the desire, but also like structure
D I both fear and crave spontaneity

11. Vacation:
A I like to explore my destination as much as possible, relaxing is a waste of time
B Vacation is for gentle rejuvenation
C I often spend it with others
D I need to take time out to be alone on vacation
12. Which statement best describes your worst traits?
A I am too aggressive
B I have trouble being assertive
C I am too much of a perfectionist
D I can be pessimistic and often negative
13. What would you prefer?
A To be a high achiever and gain widespread recognition
B To be moderately successful. I am not concerned with acknowledgement
C To be a celebrated team-player with experience in a variety of spheres of life
D To be content within myself; success isn't measured by achievements