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Let's do some livin', after we die
—Rolling Stones

'It was the deep dark black of night. I'd been driving for seventeen hours. The coffee on my breath, the glaze over my eyes, the subtle vibration of the engine through my legs—I loved it all.'

Jimmy Heartsock's got a '69 Chevy Nova 370 four-barrel with mag wheels and a duel exhaust. It's a kick-ass car. He takes it from the sooty slab of ice that is Albany, past the weather-beaten mountains of New York State to Kingston, south through the Ohio plains, down alongside the Mississippi River, into New Orleans and then Texas. Jimmy and Christy's story is a road trip. And — like any road trip — it's nothing without its soundtrack.

Ethan Hawke's Author's Desktop details the songs he envisioned as the soundtrack to the novel, with links to read the lyrics and reviews of the music and to play and listen to the songs yourself.

Wild Horses — Rolling Stones

Static — Beck

Do What You Gotta Do — Nina Simone

Someday, Some Morning, Sometime — Wilco

Hands on the Wheel — Willie Nelson

You Shook Me All Night Long — AC/DC

Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye — Roberta Flack

November Rain — Guns and Roses

Heaven Help — Lenny Kravitz

Gimme Shelter — Rolling Stones Alfred A. Knopf is not responsible for the content of external sites.