Elizabeth and Mary


Both Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots were women who wielded ultimate power. However, as Jane Dunn shows in Elizabeth and Mary: Cousins, Rivals, Queens almost every facet of their personalities was different, and the patterns of their extraordinary lives were a result of their individual ways of interacting with the world. If one were to give these two women a personality test, their results would show that they actually represent two opposing personality types. Most of us are not so different from each other as Elizabeth and Mary; we exhibit qualities of both queens. But which of the two are you most like? Answer the following questions to find out.

Note: This quiz is based on Jungian personality theory.

Pull out a piece of paper to record your answer choices. Then, begin.

1. Do you think of yourself as
(a) a tender-hearted person
(b) a tough-minded person

2. Which do you consider most to be desired
(a) passionate feeling
(b) strength of will

3. In your working relationships are you usually more
(a) firm and clear
(b) sympathetic and accommodating

4. Are you happier when asked to make
(a) value judgments
(b) critical judgments

5. In making a decision are you more likely to respond to
(a) facts
(b) desires

6. Would you rather be thought of as
(a) reasonable
(b) emotionally expressive

7. What is most appealing to you
(a) the pure logic of an argument
(b) a happy compromise

8. Are you most affected by
(a) a heartfelt appeal
(b) convincing evidence

9. When an argument gets heated do you
(a) maintain your position regardless
(b)look for an harmonious compromise

10. Is it better to be
(a) compassionate and understanding
(b) fair and just

11. Do you like to think of yourself as someone with a
(a) cool head
(b) warm heart

12. If you have to tell someone their work isn't good enough are you
(a) frank and straightforward
(b) sympathetic and evasive

Find out how many points you got
on the first 12 questions.

13. Are you more likely to trust:
(a) your experiences
(b) your ideas

14. Do you think of yourself as more
(a) idealistic
(b) practical

15. Are you more interested in
(a) what is true
(b) what is possible

16. In evaluating your colleagues at work are you more likely to rely on
(a) personal and intuitive perceptions
(b) objective criteria

17. Do you consider visionaries and idealists
(a) woolly thinkers
(b) rather fascinating

18. Are you more likely to deal in
(a) speculations rather than facts
(b) facts rather than speculations

19. When buying a house is it necessary that it
(a) fulfils your practical needs
(b) feels welcoming and right

20. Do you value most
(a) a strong sense of reality
(b) a vivid imaginative life

21. Do you like writers who
(a) say what they mean
(b) use metaphor and symbolism

22. Do you like your fiction to have more
(a) action and adventure
(b) fantasy and heroism

23. Do you consider statistics to be conclusive
(a) most of the time
(b) very seldom

24. Do you value most
(a) a strong sense of reality
(b)a vivid imaginative life

Find out how many points you got
on the last 12 questions.

RESULTS: Choose the two personality types you are, then click to find out whether you are most like Elizabeth or Mary.

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Results are based on Elizabeth and Mary: Cousins, Rivals, Queens by Jane Dunn. Copyrightę 2004 by Jane Dunn. All rights reserved. No part of these results may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the Knopf, a division of Random House Inc.