About our Logo

"The coursing Borzoi has always been our trademark . . . A neighbor next door has a good specimen of Borzoi, and I have checked my details--head, build, etc.--with that dog. From the very beginning we have frequently been asked the meaning of the word "Borzoi" and what it has to do with books. When I started in business the publisher I admired most was London's William Heinemann, and the sign of a Heinemann book was a windmill, drawn for him, I think, by William Nicholson. Since a windmill obviously had nothing to do with books, I saw no reason why we could not adopt the Borzoi as our mark."

--Alfred A. Knopf, 1948














Beginning in 1920, Alfred A. Knopf brought formal and informal news to friends and colleagues about the books we were publishing, in beautifully designed, handsomely produced chapbooks. The volumes appeared sporadically and in various incarnations over the years--from the very first, which was issued in hardcover and simply called The Borzoi, to The Borzoi Quarterly, all the way up to The Borzoi Reader--a large-format sampler that first appeared in January 1989 and continued for many seasons. Now, in a new variation on an old tradition, we take pleasure in presenting The Borzoi Reader Online. In it you will find stories, poems, and excerpts from novels and works of nonfiction--all selected from new and forthcoming books from Knopf. Because many of these titles will not be available for quite some time, the material here appears in pre-publication form and is subject to revision before books are actually printed. We hope you will enjoy The Borzoi Reader Online.