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Some days I feel trapped. You know that feeling? All the big and small events in your life seem beyond your control--you become a victim of noisy neighbors, incompetent clerks, and slow-motion traffic. You are held hostage by all the forces in your life that you can't control. So is Jeff Talley, the main character of my new suspense thriller, Hostage, only his problems are a lot bigger than clerks and cars. He's sweating through a crisis few of us--thankfully--will ever know: innocents held at gunpoint by trapped killers, the mob, the dissolution of his own life, and a couple of matched homicidal maniacs doing a slow meltdown toward murder. So just as we can't control the events in our lives, Jeff Talley is swept along by these events in his. Will he survive? Perhaps, and maybe by doing so he will be all the stronger for the struggle. Maybe we will, too.

Three suspects have barricaded themselves in a house. They have three hostages. Jeff Talley has fourteen hours to save them...and himself.

Enjoy the book.

Robert Crais

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