LORNA SASS is an award-winning cookbook author, food historian, and consultant. She is considered the country's leading authority on pressure cooking and writes regularly for Vegetarian Times and the Los Angeles Times Food Syndicate. She is author of the bestselling Cooking Under Pressure, and a dozen other cookbooks. She lives in New York City.

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As the low-carb craze winds down, arguably the most positive effect has been a growing awareness of the important difference between complex and simple carbohydrates, the good vs. the bad.

Whole grains are now widely recognized
as "good carbs" and an essential part of
a healthful diet.

In her new book, Whole Grains Every Day, Every Way, Lorna Sass has compiled an accessible and appealing reference for buying, storing, and cooking whole grains with 150 delicious recipes that will change the way you think about whole grains.

Because this is not a vegetarian book--approximately half of the recipes include meat, poultry, and fish--the recipes will appeal to a broad range of cooks who would like to incorporate whole grains into their diets.

"I build color and flavor into my food," says Lorna, "so that any preconception people have that whole grains are brown and bland will be dispelled."

The book goes light years beyond brown rice, introducing cooks to exotic grains such as kamut, teff, and black barley. Each grain is described in detail and cooks will discover the best ways to highlight their unique flavors and textures.

"In this incredibly thorough, A-to-wheat berries guide to whole grains, Sass begins with a thoughtful and extensive primer on whole grains, including detailed profiles and basic cooking instructions for each."
--Publishers Weekly

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Whole Grains: Every Day, Every Way
By Lorna Sass
Clarkson Potter/Publishers
ISBN-10: 0-307-33672-7 | $32.50 hardcover (Canada: $44.00) | On sale November 2006