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1890s to 1970s
Written by Nick Baldwin

Format: eBook, 56 pages
On Sale: November 22, 2011
Price: $9.95

From lumbering house-shakers on solid tires to smooth turbo-power in the 1970s, the lorry has come a very long way in a remarkably short time. In the early competition between steam, petrol and electricity, the internal combustion engine had more or less won by the 1920s, after proving itself in World... Read more >
The Road Haulage Industry
The Road Haulage Industry
Written by Chris Woodcock
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9780747807735
Our Price: $12.95
 Quantity: 1 
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The Road Haulage Industry

Written by Chris Woodcock

Format: Trade Paperback, 56 pages
On Sale: February 23, 2010
Price: $12.95

Road haulage has been in existence for as long as roads themselves: wherever goods need to be moved across land, people have set themselves up in business to carry those goods. For hundreds of years horses were at the center of this business, but in the twentieth century everything changed, first... Read more >
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