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Bud Inc.
Bud Inc.
Written by Ian Mulgrew
Format: eBook
ISBN: 9780307366580
Our Price: $14.99
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Bud Inc.

Written by Ian Mulgrew

Format: eBook0
On Sale: October 29, 2010
Price: $14.99

According to Forbes magazine,* marijuana is “Canada’s most valuable agricultural product — bigger than wheat, cattle or timber.” Bud Inc. gives us an inside look at this thriving homegrown industry.

Although the cultivation and selling of marijuana remains illegal in Canada, it is already big business, especially in British Columbia. Law enforcement... Read more >
Also available as a trade paperback.
The Food Wars
The Food Wars
Written by Walden Bello
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9781844673315
Our Price: $16.95
 Quantity: 1 
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The Food Wars

Written by Walden Bello

Format: Trade Paperback, 176 pages
On Sale: September 25, 2009
Price: $16.95

Violent protests across the global South, in response to rocketing food prices from 2006 to 2008, highlighted an intrinsic flaw in the modern system of world trade—one that poses a serious threat to regional and international stability. In The Food Wars, Walden Bello traces the evolution of this crisis, examining its... Read more >
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