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Daily Gratitude

365 Days of Reflection

Written by National Geographic

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Daily Calm

365 Days of Serenity

Written by National Geographic

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A Visual Tour of America's Great Land

Written by Bob Devine

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Pacific Northwest

Land of Light and Water

Written by Brenda Peterson
Photographed by Art Wolfe

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New York

City of Islands

Contribution by Pete Hamill
Photographed by Jake Rajs

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The Hudson River

From Tear of the Clouds to Manhattan

Afterword by Arthur G. Adams
Photographed by Jake Rajs
Introduction by Joan K. Davidson

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Text by Robert Sullivan
Photographed by Joshua Lutz

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Primordial Landscapes

Iceland Revealed

Text by Ari Trausti Gundmundsson
Photographed by Feodor Pitcairn
Introduction by Stephen Perloff

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Unbroken Down

Text by Nancy Watson Barr, Dawoud Bey and Sharon Zukon
Photographed by Dave Jordano

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National Geographic The National Parks

An Illustrated History

Written by Kim Heacox

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