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The Forensic Casebook

The Science of Crime Scene Investigation

Written by Ngaire E. Genge

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Dead Men Do Tell Tales

The Strange and Fascinating Cases of a Forensic Anthropologist

Written by William R. Maples and Michael Browning

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Teasing Secrets from the Dead

My Investigations at America's Most Infamous Crime Scenes

Written by Emily Craig, Ph.D.

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Shocking Cases from Dr. Henry Lee's Forensic Files

The Phil Spector Case / the Priest's Ritual Murder of a Nun / the Brown's Chicken Massacre and More!

Written by Henry C. Lee and Jerry Labriola, M.D.

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Mortal Evidence

The Forensics Behind Nine Shocking Cases

Written by Cyril H. Wecht, M.D. J.D. and Greg Saitz
Contribution by Mark Curriden
Foreword by Henry C. Lee

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Cause of Death

Forensic Files of a Medical Examiner

Written by Stephen D. Cohle, M.D. and Tobin T. Buhk

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Tales from the Morgue

Forensic Answers to Nine Famous Cases Including The Scott Peterson & Chandra Levy Cases

Written by Cyril H. Wecht, M.D. J.D. and Mark Curriden
Contribution by Angela Powell