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  • Consult the Oracle
  • Written by Gabriel Nostradamus
  • Format: Hardcover | ISBN: 9781908402738
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Consult the Oracle

A Victorian Guide to Folklore and Fortune Telling

Written by Gabriel NostradamusAuthor Alerts:  Random House will alert you to new works by Gabriel Nostradamus

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Synopsis|Excerpt|Table of Contents


The Victorian era is renowned for its fascination with the superstitious and the spiritual; the theatrics of the magician, the fortune-teller and the seance astounded nineteenth-century audiences. This illustrated book, first published in 1900, offers a layman’s guide to "matters magical and mysterious", including how to interpret dreams, omens of good and evil, palm-reading, using ouija boards and identifying witches.


• It is a sign of "bad luck" to meet a white horse, unless the person spits at it; which action averts the ill consequences.
• To have a hare cross the road in front of any one who is going on an errand is not lucky. Under such a circumstance it is wisest to turn back and not pursue one's business till the next meal has been eaten, for beyond that the evil influence does not extend.
• Bees must be told of a Death in the Family. When there is a death in the family where bees are kept, the bees should be informed of the event, otherwise they will leave their hives and never return.
• Black eyes are usually a sign of good powers of physical endurance; but they are choleric, and may be, though they are not always, treacherous.
• Grey eyes indicate a quick temper, coolness in the presence of danger, and a love of novelty.
• Those with grey eyes are generally keen, energetic, and at first cold; but you may rely upon their sympathy with real sorrow.
• Hazel eyes are found with shrewd people, and such as take pleasure in intercourse with friends.
• A calm blue eye well enclosed by the eyebrows shows a good judge of character.
• Clear blue eyes are associated with love of change and progress.

Table of Contents

The Meaning of Dreams
Omens, Charms and Spells for Lovers
Mystery About Plants
The Fortunes of Little People 
Curing Ailments by Magical Means
Fortunes Told by Cards
Character Shown in Handwriting
Weddings and Married Life
Feathered Prophets of Good and Evil
The Significance of Names
Palm Reading
Fairy Folk
What about Witches?
Bees Know More than People Think


"This compact 'reference' book is perfect for toting, so you can always have mystical lifehacks like 'Do not cut your nails on Sunday!' at the ready. Originally published in 1899, it includes superstitions, charms, and supernatural counsel, including dream interpretation, palm reading, and some handy advice on communicating with the dead." —Mental_Floss

"This handy little compendium of Victorian-era superstitions and folklore is a fun resource if you need research for this time period, or if you just want to be amused by late 19th century superstitions." —Historical Novel Society

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