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While No One Was Watching Cover

While No One Was Watching

Written by Jane Leslie Conly
Read by Dylan Baker

Work ID: 30663

ISBN: 9780553750508

Format: Unabridged Audiobook Download

List Price: $10.95

On Sale Date: Jul 5, 2000

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When their father leaves Frankie, Earl, and Angela with Aunt Lula and goes to find work on the Eastern Shore, the kids think that he'll come back soon and that Aunt Lula will take good care of them. But Daddy doesn't come back-at least not right away-and Aunt Lula disappears after a while, too. So is it any wonder that during the long hot summer days the kids end up in places where they shouldn't be?

And then there's Maynard and Addie. They live where the lawns are big and green and the kids have swing sets and bikes to ride. But one terrible day, Addie's pet rabbit is missing from its cage, and Maynard suspects it was stolen. Now he and Addie will have to go into Frankie's part of town to look for the rabbit. And they'll have to do it while no one is watching.

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