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The Town No Guns Could Tame Cover

The Town No Guns Could Tame

Written by Louis L'Amour
Read by Dramatization

Work ID: 96798

ISBN: 9780739365588

Format: Abridged Audiobook Download

List Price: $7.50

On Sale Date: Feb 3, 2009

Overrun by hard-bitten miners, gamblers, and the kind of no-account drifters that follow the gold camps, Basin City is a place where no respectable citizen feels safe. That's why three of the town's foremost businessmen have gone and hired a new marshal. Tomorrow he'll be in charge of protecting a stagecoach carrying over a quarter million dollars in gold as it moves out of the Basin City depot. Tonight he'll be defending his life--

For Perry, a gunfighter on the run, this job should have turned his life around. Instead, it's landed him in a peck of trouble. And now, unless Perry uncovers the motives of a mysterious saloon owner and gets wise to a double-crossing, he's headed for a lynching--his own.

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