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Four by L'Amour Cover

Four by L'Amour

Written by Louis L'Amour
Read by Dramatization

Work ID: 96562

ISBN: 9780739340813

Format: Abridged Audiobook Download

List Price: $11.00

On Sale Date: Jul 25, 2006

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This set, newly released on compact disc, contains four thrilling dramatizations of Louis
L’Amour’s short stories, featuring all the excitement of the Wild West–the fierce passion and determination of the men and women who dared to tame the rugged terrain and call it their home, the villains who threaten their dreams, and the cowboys who sought their own destinies across a uniquely American landscape. Each story is presented with rousing music, authentic sound effects, and a full cast, bringing to life the flavor of the Old West, and transporting the listener back to those uncertain days.

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