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LRRP Company Command Cover

LRRP Company Command

Written by Kregg P. Jorgenson
Read by Don Leslie

Work ID: 88795

ISBN: 9780553754902

Format: Abridged Audiobook Download

List Price: $5.00

On Sale Date: Apr 3, 2001

A book about fine leadership in combat, LRRP Company Command focuses on Captain George Paccerelli as he molds the men of the Air Cav's LRRP company into a successful reconnaissance unit. Jorgenson spent 7 years in the Army; three as an infantryman and four as a journalist. After surviving a number of missions as a LRRP with Hotel Company (Airborne), Jorgenson transferred to Alpha (aka Apache) Troop, where he walked point for its reaction force, the Blues. Jorgenson brings his considerable experience as a soldier and journalist to bear in this absorbing account.

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